What You Should Know Before Applying to Law School

Joining law school is part of your journey to practice law. It is an exciting time for you and a crucial step to getting all the skills you require. Whether you are joining immediately from your undergraduate degree or as a career change, you can start preparation way before the joining date.

Planning assists during this preparation stage where you are getting recommendation letters, and all your transcripts needed for the application.

Keep the following tips in mind for a smooth transition into law school from graduate school.

Create a strong and convincing application

If you have been wondering how to get into Harvard Law or any other law school of your dream, ensure the department you are writing to get an idea of the achievements you have so far. Let it pinpoint your uniqueness. The application should include your skills for example in writing, and communication. Illustrate each skill with real life scenarios where you demonstrated the skills.

Mention any awards or recognitions highlighting your achievements. Include a letter of recommendation from someone who knows you well. It can be a former teacher, colleague, or employer.

To capture everything in your application fully, you need to start way before the deadline of the submission date. It will be for your own good if you apply while relaxed as opposed to panicked.

Prepare before joining law school

Research the area your dream school is located.

Since you will still be a living breathing person in law school, there are amenities you should know how to access before you join, just to ease your fitting in period. Know where to eat, and the best affordable accommodations available. Explore the school and find committees you can join.

It is also beneficial to get some information on the professors you will interact with during your studies, and once you join, do not be afraid to speak to a few students ahead of you just to familiarize with what law school has in store for you in that particular environment.

What to expect in law school

Expect to read a lot of research papers, journals, articles, law books, the constitution, magazines, and legal documentaries. The reading is intensive because you need to understand facts and explain them when you are away from the material. You will need to be a bookworm at the library and burn the midnight oil sometimes to catch up with reading.

Practice reading, writing, and critical thinking skills before you join to write engaging essays.

Aside from academic excellence you will need to develop accompanying skills, which you will require in law school and for the rest of your career. These include communication skills, networking skills, public speaking skills, debating skills, and critical thinking.

As well as passing all your examinations, you will need to find ways to polish these other essential skills, for example by joining debate committees in the school or through online learning.

Find a balance

Law school is involving. It can get very overwhelming if your do not find a balance that works for you. You need to be in the right state of mind to perform well in your academics, this is why you should always curve out some resting time for relaxation. You can then resume studying with a fresh and rested mind.

If you find you are barely sleeping, neglectinghealthy foodstuffs, constantly stressed, and always looking for the next textbook or assignment, it is time to slow down, plan, and reset.

Getting into the law school of your dreams is a sure way to stay motivated during your entire course of studies. Having a plan, and knowing what to expect once in, will help you feel even more prepared to handle everything.


Law school will open up various career opportunities in law for you. It is worth the long hours of studies, and sacrifices you will make.

Preparing improves your chances of feeling a sense of belonging in the study environment as well as quick adaption. Research different law schools to find one which meets your academic and career goals if you do not already have one in mind.

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