What’s Holding Back Your Business’s Website?

You may have noticed that your business’ sales have been declining recently, or maybe the damage has been contained online and your website engagement has dropped. After much analysis, you may figure out that it is your unprofessional website that is letting your business down. Unfortunately, in this day and age, you cannot get away with neglecting your business’ website. However, there are plenty of ways to solve the problem of a bad website. Here are just a few possible solutions.

Too Much Clutter

If the homepage of your website is full to the brim, it will be too chaotic for anyone to comprehend. An excess of images and text can overwhelm visitors and put them off exploring the rest of your site. This is particularly bad when some of your website content causes the page to load slowly, since customers are now used to almost instant loading times, meaning that they will leave your site for a competitor’s should your website take too long.

Lack of Accessibility

Far too few businesses truly care about accessibility. It is important that people with disabilities also access online content, and this means checking your website is easy for them to use. Once you have found the best accessibility audit tools, you can get started implementing the necessary adjustments that will make your site compliant. Don’t assume that your website works well for people with disabilities, as this could lead to many potential customers leaving your site in frustration. Instead, use an accessibility audit tool and address the issues it detects.

Unclear Information

The content of text on the website must make sense and be coherent. Unclear information will confuse visitors and prevent them from staying on your website. If in doubt, get in touch with a freelance professional writer who can either check over or completely rewrite the copy on your page.

Neglected Visitor Data

Failing to look at and apply what you’ve learned from website analytics is a great way to let your business’ site crash and burn. Pay attention to the metrics and make changes accordingly. It takes effort but quickly pays off since visitors will stay once you give them a reason to.

Tangled Navigation

Your website loads quickly, has clear information, and is accessible for everyone, but if it’s hard to navigate between sections, then you will only frustrate your visitors and drive them away to a competitor’s website. Have a skilled UX designer create better routes and links within the site for simple use.

A badly designed website can be worse than no website at all if you are unlucky. Running a business means creating and maintaining a positive reputation among your audience and customers. Your cluttered, inaccessible, unclear website will give visitors the impression that your business is similarly unreliable. Remember this if you ever start to believe that the quality of your website doesn’t matter for the overarching goals of your business. By taking control and improving your website, you significantly increase the chances of your business getting noticed for the right reasons.