Who Are The Best Fielders In Afghanistan Cricket Team?

Afghanistan cricket team has received some fielders that are great and have now been able to create their mark on the earth of cricket. In the cricket industry among them, several strong fielders possess fielding tactics. 

In this specific article, you will take a good look at the top 7 best fielders of the Afghanistan cricket team. You will get to know about fielders’ catching jumps which are impressive fielding skills that helped them be one of the most effective in cricket play. You will also glance at how these fielders have had the opening to add wickets to Afghanistan’s match success in regional and international cricket games like T20, Test matches, One-Day matches, etc.

Top 7 The Best Fielders Of The Afghanistan Cricket Team

The Afghanistan Cricket team is one of the best teams in cricket for its rare bowling tactics and ground fielding techniques. These fielders have strong swiftness, diving agility, and sliding flexibility for big long catches. The Afghanistan fielders are known for their responsive fielding tactics that make them unique from the other teams as per the study of today breaking news cricket.

  1. Rashid Khan – 

He is not just known for bowling but also for the fielding skills that gave him correct ball throw knowledge and good catch tactics. Khan can also slide to catch the ball with correctness and alertness.

  1. Asghar Afghan –

He is acknowledged for his governance and communication skills which are extremely vital for fielding. Afghan has qualities of brilliant reflexes and guidance of catches that he provides to the Afghanistan Cricket team members.

  1. Rahmat Shah –

Shah has admirable hand and lower body coordination for catching a ball. He has taken some good catches in important matches. His ability to interpret the game tactics makes him an irreplaceable fielder to the team.

  1. Hashmatullah Shahidi – 

Shahidi is a prominent fielder in the Afghanistan cricket team for his bowling and throwing directions, good body control, and nice fielding assistance.

  1. Javed Ahmadi – 

Ahmadi is a flexible fielder and holds good fielding skill management in the team. He possesses some exceptional short jumping and catching abilities with reflexes.

  1. Najibullah Zadran –

Zadran is a regular fielder and has average bowling skills with steady standard fielding agility.

  1. Mohammad Nabi –

Nabi’s swiftness in fielding and quick responses for catches in the match make him a reliable fielder for the team.

There are skilled fielders of the Bangladesh cricket team, not just these top 7 best fielders of the Afghanistan cricket team, like Najeeb Tarakai, Ikram Ali Khil, Naib, Karim Janat, Najibullah, and Dawlat Zadran.

Point to Remember in Cricket Fielding

  • Physically for any cricket fielding, players have to simply take silly, short and fielding that deep to have a catch for winning the match fast. The new fielding position is normally prefixed aided by the words silly or short if a fielder is asked to move from a regular cum-saving position to one much closer to the batsman but on the same line. For example, if the mid-off moves meters that are few to the batsman, he becomes a ‘short mid-off’, Closer still and the position is a ‘silly mid-off’. 
  • If a cricket fielder is asked to go ‘finer’ this implies having strides that are few the way of an imaginary line drawn from the wicket-keeper towards the boundary behind him. Sometimes, though, a group captain will ask a fielder to go ‘squarer’, this means taking several strides in the direction of a line through the place of the leg umpire that is square. Afghanistan fielders mostly apply for a majority that is vast of positions within the matches.
  • Good fielding positions could be separated into two groups being distinct. First, Close catching positions and second, Run-saving positions. Close positions can be catching dosage to your wicket. The ball is likely to fly up in the air in these positions if the ball is struck by the edge of the bat. These jobs in any field require body-eye coordination, flexibility, accuracy, and more.
  • Ball-pad fielders are boated near where in actuality the batsman stands. In most situations, they are employed when a spin bowler is operating. Some of the fielding jobs have laugh-out-loud names such as ‘silly mid-off, ‘silly mid-on’ and ‘short square leg’ or even ‘short backward point’ – which sounds very odd. 
  • Fielder’s aim is mainly to take catches that result from the batsman trying to play a ball that is rotating after bouncing from the wicket. The leg slip fielder is like a slip that is standard except that he stands on the leg side for the wicket. This is primarily a catching position and it is often deployed whenever the bowler is rotating or swinging the ball in towards the batsman from away from the line of the stump that is off. 
  • The cricket fielding positions and location of run-saving fielding positions have a lot to do with right angles. Often the batsman gets the calculation of the direction and extent of the ball that is rotating, also it strikes the bat before hitting the pad or glove and looping into the air. It’s where the ball-pad fielders do their work. They fling by themselves about to be able to simply take a catch. Usually, pad and bat fielders stand no more than three or four meters through the batsmen. 

All these pointers are the work of any fielder in a match for a game’s success. Not just Afghanistan fielders but all team fielders in cricket also follow these pointers in a match.


The above information gives you a glimpse of the top 7 best fielders of the Afghanistan cricket team. This article has given you data about fielders’ positions on the ground, catching tactics, and top Afghanistan fielders.

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