Why are Kilim Handbags Different from the other Bags?

The word Kilim is Turkish, meaning pileless textile. You can call piles a rug type dense bag’s surface. A major difference between kilim handbags and the other type of handmade bags is kilim is made of flat weave, meaning it has been woven on a loom rather than knitting. It is alluring to find that the bags are manufactured by warp and weft threads interlocking. They are handmade using a weaving technique rather than knitting.

So, all in all, kilim handbags are manufactured by knotting unique strands of various colours on the warps. Finally, the strands are combined by wefts pressing hard against one another. Most of the kilim bags are made from pure wool. But, some are also made from cotton. Wool is an amazing option for kilim bags because it is available in abundance, hard to depreciate and convenient to handle.

Amazing features of a Kilim Bag:

It is seen that simple, geometric, vibrant and bold patterns are specifically for kilim bags. These bags are available in unique geometric patterns to exude an HD impact. They are quite preferred by women for office and casual usage.

Some amazing features of a kilim bag that separate it from other handbags are:

Seasonal: Kilim handbags can be used all through the year. They offer excellent insulation and are different to big piles; the flat woven bags are light and do not absorb heat during hot weather. It is also amazing to see that kilim bags are recommended for both hot and cold countries.

Light in weight: As mentioned before, kilim doesn’t pile, so they are an amazing alternative. If you are looking for a simple, lightweight and manageable bag, you will have nothing working for you other than kilim bags. They are easier to carry and simpler to clean.

Aesthetics: The kilim in the present scenario enjoys amazing aesthetics on the decorative side. But, apart from being rich in aesthetics, they also offer amazing functionality. The vibrant shades and bold geometric patterns woven on the kilim are the centre of attraction to bring the product’s calmness, comfort and vibrancy.

Longevity: Handmade kilim bags are long-lasting and much better than machine bags. The machine-made bags are produced in immense quantity at great speed. Hence there is a high possibility for them to wear off quickly.

The kilim bags remain in good condition for several years. The idea of kilim bags to be used in your daily life is more appealing than any other bag.

Vibrant and bold: Kilim handbags are available in different colours. All the colours are bright and bold. These bags are designed by throwing a splash of colours into a base. Because kilim bags don’t pile, there is a small risk of seeing shedding rugs. It also avoids collecting dust and other allergens.

Affordable: Lastly, kilim handbags appeal more to women because of their affordability. These bags are rich in quality and amazingly crafted at a pretty low cost. If you are on a tight budget, you would love to own these bags.

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