Why Do You Need a Written Background Check Policy?

If you’re an employer and you’re running domestic or worldwide background checks on potential or current employees, you need a written background check policy. Here are just a few of the many reasons why a written policy is essential:

Lawsuit Protection

A written background policy that’s thorough, regularly reviewed, and consistently applied is your best protection against civil litigation suits surrounding hiring decisions. A written policy demonstrates that you have a road map for hiring decisions that everyone in your organization is expected to follow. 


The laws surrounding background check uk checks are complicated and always evolving. Keeping your written policy up to date on all the laws and regulations will ensure that your process also stays current and compliant. 

Streamlined Decisions

It’s easy for hiring decisions to get bogged down by managers. With a well-defined, written policy in place, many of the decisions are already made, including which positions require which background checks and what to do with the findings. When a candidate fails a drug test, misrepresents their education history on their resume, or has a criminal conviction, the next steps are defined in the policy. This can save a lot of time and frustration.

Reliable Results

Background checks aren’t worth much if they aren’t relevant. A written policy gives all the stakeholders a chance to have input on what checks need to be run and why. 

Equal Footing

All applicants for a given position should be treated equally under your screening policy. To ensure equal footing, your policy should make certain things clear. For example, your policy could state that a background check will be run in any jurisdiction where the applicant has lived or worked. This means that it’s reasonable to run an international check if the applicant has spent time living or working abroad. 

Regular Review

As stated earlier, laws governing background checks are constantly evolving, so your background check policy needs to be updated regularly to stay current. If you partner with a professional background check agency for your screening needs, they will stay up to date on all the laws and regulations and help keep you fully compliant. 

Write it Down

Don’t put your organization at risk by conducting background checks without a comprehensive written policy. Talk to your screening provider and legal counsel today about getting started.

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