Why Is Nanoseptic Technology Important?

Nanoseptic technology is used to keep high-traffic areas clean through self-cleaning surfaces. The products that utilize this technology are effective at cleaning, free from harsh chemicals and toxins, and eco-friendly. Many facilities use this technology to keep their facilities clean and to allow their staff and customers to feel comfortable in their workspace.

How Does It Work?

Nanoseptic technology utilizes nanocrystals that self-clean when exposed to light through a photocatalytic oxidation process. The crystals then break down contaminants to provide a clean surface. While these surfaces will still need to be cleaned when they are visibly dirty, Nanoseptic technology offers an easy solution to maintaining a clean work environment.

What Can Nanoseptic Technology Do for You?

Self-cleaning technology offers an easy solution to keeping high-touch surfaces sanitary. Nanoseptic technology can be helpful in a variety of ways:

Provides an Easy Solution for Keeping High-touch Surfaces Clean

The cleanliness of your building is often compromised in high-traffic areas. Installing self-cleaning products in these high-touch areas may help create a cleaner and healthier workplace. Areas that could benefit from this technology include:

  • Door knobs
  • Light switches
  • Handrails
  • Elevator buttons

Instead of constantly sanitizing these areas, use self-cleaning solutions to lower your workload and keep your workplace cleaner.

Saves You Time

Nanoseptic technology does the work for you, which can save you time and money. If you pay someone to clean your workplace, their workload can be reduced with self-cleaning products. When you can devote less time to cleaning your workplace, you free up time for other tasks.

Free From Harsh Chemicals and Toxins

Self-cleaning products are free from harsh chemicals and toxins, making them a safe and viable option to add to your cleaning routine. While implementing a rigorous cleaning schedule should not be entirely replaced with Nanoseptic technology, implementing it may help improve the cleanliness of your facility and reduce exposure to toxins.


Nanoseptic technology does not use harsh chemicals, poisons, or heavy metals. Products that utilize this technology are better for the air, water, and overall environment. Using these products also reduces the demand for other chemical cleaners or one-time-use wipes that are bad for the environment.

Where Is Nanoseptic Technology Used?

Any industry can use Nanoseptic technology. Anywhere that is used or visited by people can use self-cleaning products to create a cleaner environment. Some of the industries that could benefit from this technology include:


Places such as ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, laboratories, or other medical facilities could benefit from self-cleaning products. Many medical facilities are concerned about the cleanliness of their facility for their patient’s health. Using self-cleaning technology in high-touch areas may also give patients peace of mind because they will be able to see that the facility cares about their health and safety.


Self-cleaning products help make a cleaner classroom environment for your students. This technology could prove helpful with younger children that are still learning how to wash their hands and maintain basic hygiene.


Entertainment centers that hold sporting events, concerts, or other activities often garner the attention of thousands of guests. With so many people in one space, door handles and handrailings can quickly become unsanitary. Installing Nanoseptic technology in these stadiums can help keep the building clean, even when faced with large crowds.

Try Self-Cleaning Technology Today

Self-cleaning technology offers a helpful and scientific solution to a common problem: maintaining clean and healthy conditions in public spaces. Products that utilize its technology allow you to show your employees and customers that you care about their health and safety. Reach out to a company that carries Nanoseptic technology today to see how it could help your workplace.

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