Why It Is Worth Attending Art & Craft Fairs

The Art Fair is a kind of “Fashion Week” in the art world. It is here that the pulse of the art industry is determined: new names are discovered, artists trends are set, and major deals are made. But even if you are not included in a narrow circle of artists, critics and art dealers, feel free to plan a trip to one the fairs Our guide tells you where to go this year and how to get the most out of direct contact with beauty and local art.

Why are art fairs created?

Gallery owners and collectors are interested in making their art public. To do this, several times a year, they take out work from their collections to art fairs. They take place all over the world: from Pennsylvania to Hong Kong. Unlike the museum, however, most of the objects at the fair can be bought. Within a few days of the show, works of art, usually hidden in small galleries and private collections, are seen by thousands of people. Among them are hundreds of potential buyers and dozens of reputable critics. Therefore, art fairs help their participants increase the price of an art collection, increase the prestige of a gallery, sell and buy works, and also understand


Why do you need to visit an art fair?

  1. First, it’s beautiful. The concentration of works of art is off-scale here. Unlike a thematic exhibition, where paintings and sculptures complement each other and are subordinated to the concept of the curator, works of art at fairs come out of the shadows and open to visitors in all their individuality. Yes, each art fair also has its own specialization, but their main idea is to emphasize the originality of each work and enhance the eclectic aesthetics of the event.
  1. Secondly, it’s interesting. Although art fairs like fairs and festivals in PA 2021 are created in order to stimulate sales, gallery owners will gladly tell about their works not only to clients but also to everyone. Ask how the picture you like got into the gallery’s collection or ask the gallery owner about one of the artists – believe me, his story may well become a plot for a detective. In parallel with the commercial part, modern art fairs conduct educational programs with lectures, interviews, and film screenings, so going to an art fair can give you fresh knowledge about the modern art process and get to know its key characters.
  1. Finally, it’s atmospheric. Once at the art fair, you will definitely think that you are on an embodied celebration of life. People come here from all over the world, and the most sophisticated plan their travels so that on the way they must stop by in Basel. We have prepared for you a calendar of the best art fairs until the end of the year.


Which art fairs to go to this year?


Arts & Crafts Festival Lansdale Day

Where: Downtown – Lansdale, PA

When: July 17-18

It is one of the best festivals 2021 Pennsylvania. Every year, Art Lansdale brings together more than 300 galleries from all over the world: together, they create a “temporary Arts & craft museum” with paintings, crafts, sculptures created by fine artists, artisans & crafters. This show promotes local businesses and non-profit organizations of the city. Here you can enjoy live music, new car shows, rotary 50/50 cash drawing, taste local cuisine, and take part in many other fun activities.

Wild Wind Folk Art & Craft Festival

Where: Warren County Fairgrounds – Pittsfield, PA

When- September 11-12

To get acquainted with Pennsylvania festivals 2021, visit the 41st Wild Wind Folk Art & Craft Festival. It is enough to buy tickets to visit 41st fairs and festivals in PA 2021, which takes place in Warren County Fairgrounds – Pittsfield, PA. This festival offers the opportunity to many artisans to showcase their creativity. The specialty of this award-winning family event is that it exhibits 150 encompassing inspired folk art, traditional American crafts, handmade collectibles, fine art, and period reproductions. The organizers have already announced a rich program for September: art groups, museums, and galleries are preparing their projects especially for the fair. The fairgrounds offer an idyllic setting, with displays set up in quaint, open-air barns and surrounding outdoor areas.

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