Why You Need a Waterproof Shade Sail Today

Whenever you want to provide adequate shade to your outdoor space, you would usually go for a large patio umbrella. However, the shade coverage might not be enough, so the best option is to install shade sails. You can find many sizes of shade sails that will fit perfectly in your outdoor space, but it might not be enough. 

You still have other weather elements to think about – especially the rain. Luckily, you can get waterproof shade sails to combat that kind of weather too. Even with its benefits, some are still not convinced to get waterproof shade sails because they believe it will not work. They do not know that they can gain many benefits when they have it installed on their property. 

Excellent Waterproofing Properties

Those who are new to purchasing shade sails think that all the types are waterproof. That is where they are wrong because there are other fabric types that each have a specific purpose. One example is permeable fabrics, which work by blocking most of the sunlight’s harmful UV rays. While it may be efficient at blocking UV rays, it cannot prevent rain from passing through the other side. 

But when you go for waterproof shade sails, they can prevent water from passing through efficiently while providing adequate shade. It can provide exceptional waterproofing properties because it is a compound of woven polyester yarn and coated with Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) on both sides. 

Manufacturers even include plasticisers because it enables the fabric to become flexible. The plasticisers present on the fabric also help make the installation easy and straightforward. Additional coatings are applied to the fabric, such as acrylic and polyvinylidene-fluoride (PVDF), to keep it clean at all times. The coatings can also improve the fabric’s serviceability to ensure it lasts long. 

It Comes in Many Fabric Colours

Like with the other typical shade sails, waterproof shade sails also come in different colours to choose from. No matter what fabric colour you need, there is a big chance that the manufacturer will have it. They can even provide clients’ customised colours to give their shade sails more distinction in some cases. 

Straightforward Cleaning and Maintenance

Another reason to get waterproof shade sails is how relatively easy it is to clean and maintain them. You do not even have to hire a professional cleaner to do the job because you can do it yourself. Usually, all you need is a sponge with soap, and you can clean the sail in no time. And when it is time for the maintenance, you can unhook the sail from its hooking points and get rid of the stains left by stagnant rain. 

High-Density Material

Suppose you are worried about the waterproof shade sail’s strength, no need to fret because they are usually manufactured with high-density material. Even if there are strong winds present, they cannot get damaged easily. Some would even last for years, as long as owners maintain and clean it regularly. 

You should not think twice about getting waterproof shade sails, especially if you are situated in an area that experiences rain frequently. You will never know when the rain would suddenly start lashing out, so the best course of action is to install a shade sail that can protect your outdoor furniture from getting wet. The water will simply travel to the sides of the shade sail, so you do not have to worry about water staying on top of the surface for a long time.

Author name: Alison Lurie