Why You Should Buy “Complete Works”

Every now and again you have no doubt come across a collection of books known as the “Complete Works” of a particular author. Complete works can be full to the brim of everything that an author has written, from their early work to their latest pieces. But should you buy the complete works or is it better to buy them separately? Let’s take a close look at this:

Ideal if you Want to Read Everything

If you would like to read everything that an author has created, you can typically find them  in something that claims to be the complete works. You can typically find notes, drafts, work that has been rejected, and, occasionally, unseen works. On some occasions, you might even find that you have access to letters you’ve never read before. You might also find notes and plans for novels and other works.

Great if you’re Studying The Author

If you’re studying a particular author, having access to their complete works can be a great help. For example, The complete works of St Augustine include everything that was written by him. When you have the complete works, there’s always a chance that you uncover work that you have not read before. In addition to this, having a whole mini-library with you is usually so much easier than having to download content in the hope it contains everything you need.

Better Than Collected Works

Collected works often contain a collection of works rather than the complete set. What this means is that they could potentially be missing something important. If you love a particular author, their collected works might not include your favorite novel, for example. This can be quite disappointing and it may even mean that you need to spend even more money.

Including a Little Extra

Some complete works include a little extra. This little extra could be a note from the author, a new edition of former works, or even a previously unpublished novel or paper. This is one of the reasons why many people are more than happy to buy complete works. In some respects, they can be something of a goldmine.

Sometimes the mere satisfaction of knowing that you have everything that an author has written can be rewarding in itself. If there are also previously unpublished works or letters in there, it can be even more satisfying.

They Look Good

There’s no doubt about it, whenever someone has a complete works, they always look good. In an age where many people like to read books on tablets, a lot of us still appreciate physical books. When they are presented well, books look good and can add a touch of comfort to whichever room they’re in.

Buying the complete works is always a pleasure thanks to the unpublished work in there, the fact that they look good, and they’re ideal if you’re studying the author. This is why more and more people are now opting to buy works that contain everything they need to know, and more.