Why you Should Learn Big Data Today?

Big data is a technology that has sparked many curiosities in large companies. Also, it has a lot of shocking facts such as every minute, the number of videos watched by users crosses the 4 million mark. What’s contributing to the creation of Big Data? It’s the social media and all the internet activities that happen by each passing time. Corporate training programs give you lots of opportunities to learn. Online training programs will make you higher than others

Big Data and Rise Time Ratio

In today’s era, Big Data is the fast-growing data that has created people to store their data in a database system. Generating data continuously through generations is called Big Data. According to a report by Forbes, about 2.5 quintal byte of information is produced each day, which is at the current speed. It is constantly increasing. 

What is Big Data, what is its utility?

You need to know what Big Data is. In a way, it can be said that Big Data indicates the bulk of data that originates from different data sources and comes in various formats. Previously, data had been stored in databases, but due to the diverse nature of the data, the way proved not to be sufficient to handle it. Different tools help process Big Data, for example, Pig, Hadoop, Cassandra, Hive, Spark, Kafka, and then rely on the company’s need.

Where is the Big Data Application used?

Entertainment: To recommend their users with more TV shows and movies, Netflix and Amazon use Big Data. This domain uses Big Data to identify illness, accident, and its items accordingly. Driver-less cars: Google’s driver-less auto collects one gigabyte of information for every second. Automobiles: Rolls Royce has widely embraced big Data by placing several sensors in its engines and propulsion systems. It provides them with every minute details about their activity/work. Government: An attractive use of Big Data is in politics to investigate patterns and effects that affect the results of elections.


Big data is becoming a huge pool of opportunities with many jobs as Big Data Analyst Training  in Paris , Big Data Engineer, Big Data Solution Architect. Corporate training programs give you lots of opportunities to learn. Do you want to explore the world of Big Data? Yes, join Big Data and Hadoop Certification Training from LearnOA and explore your career. Online corporate  training programs will make you higher than others.

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