Winter and Vintage; the Chill Combo

We love cold weather because it allows us to wear as many clothes as we want to, we meant layering. Also, the soft and cosy fabrics we get to dress in freezing temperatures provides another level of comfort. Be it wool or flannel or any other winter fabric it feels like you are covered in a warm blanket. When the winds start turning bitterly cold, and the fires are lit, we sat in front of the warm fireplaces and thought about vintage fashion.

It is not difficult to guess why we are obsessed with this fashion it is not only the clothes but also the way they were worn. The colours, patterns and really high hair on the heads or those amazing beach waves made ladies look ravishing and elegant. The shoes matching the outfits were very artistically designed.

The time has definitely passed, but the fashion stayed. Today several designers are working on vintage clothing and the work is appreciable. We realize it is not easy to pull off a look that can make people believe in time machines, but we have tried to give a few ideas that may bring you closer to time traveling.

Game It Up With A Scarf
Buy a huge woolen scarf preferably in colours like maroon or magenta. As it is a plain scarf in a single colour, you don’t have to go out and look for it just order it online promo codes 2018. Once the scarf is here let’s see how you can pair it up to look as graceful as the ladies who made heads turn back in the early 90’s.

The One Necessary Skirt
The next in the list is a black pencil skirt. This skirt can be paired with a classic gold t-shirt or a checkered top, as the checks were a considerable part of nineties fashion. Joanie Clothing discount code enables us to dress up like vintage goddesses in modern times through the amazing checkered dresses.

Sensual Leggings
Oh! One more item that couldn’t miss the wardrobe of any vintage-style lover is sheer leggings. They make the legs sexy and add a feminine touch to every outfit. If you have a floral dress that will be like a cherry on the cake. Pair the two and see the magic yourself also, don’t forget to wear those chic pumps.

That Pretty Velvet Dress
As we are discussing winters here, let’s just don’t forget velvet. The velvet dresses with side short slits and defined collars were a massive hit in vintage style and still pretty much trending. So, why miss it? Get one or probably two or as many as you can rock because the catch is to look stylish while being comfortable.

Wrapping It Up
The best thing would be to create a fusion of vintage and modern clothing. This way you’ll set a personal style statement and trust us you’ll be accustomed to praises soon.

In the end, the only thing that matters is how you want to see yourself? It’s the confidence that makes all the difference. Remember whatever you wear, wear it with a personal touch and rock it confidently. When you believe you are beautiful nothing in the world can turn it otherwise.

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