Women Now Outnumber Men in Dentistry

Today, our smiles are associated with healthy-looking teeth, and the innovative solutions for this achievement are endless. Besides, good oral health promotes general health, and the opposite is associated with complications such as stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

While brushing your teeth regularly, flossing daily and watching out for the type of water you drink are some ways to be on top of your oral health, so are the bi-annual or yearly check-ups.

If you keep up with the recommended dental check-up, you have probably noticed female dentists in your dental clinic Parramatta. This is not just in Parramatta but across NSW, as mentioned by a post from Sydney Morning Herald.

The figures are both surprising and interesting, with 50.2% of dental practitioners in NSW being females. Compared with a 1992 report, where the females only accounted for 16% of dentists and dental therapists. The trend extends beyond the Australian borders to the US, and we are likely to see more of it in the future. Even applications to dental schools consist of more females than males.

Some years back, the rules of the dentistry field were different. Even Lucy Hobbs Taylor, the first female dentist, probably dreamt of such a time in history. So, what changed?

What has changed?

Women are usually attracted to caring roles such as medicine-related fields, and dentistry falls into that category. Regardless, women have realised that dentistry offers a bigger slice of cake than medicine, and it’s no wonder they are determined to beat their male counterparts at their oldest game. Both physician roles in medicine and dentistry require the highest training and specialised skills.

One deterrent of the medical field is that it involves overnight shifts, and the necessary internship, differentiating it from dentistry. With dentistry, women fulfil their destiny and desire to help people by managing their tooth pain and discomfort. Secondly, it’s easier to own a practice, and the work hours are more flexible, with most patients lasting approximately forty-five minutes at most. Most importantly, the excellent pay is undoubtedly a welcomed sight in the bank!

Every field keeps changing, and dentistry can’t afford to lag. As such, unlike traditional issues like filling cavities and extractions, state-of-the-art technology can enable a better smile with dental complex procedures, veneers, improved braces, and more.

Additionally, unlike before, significant care is directed towards our teeth, making the field attractive for anyone.

Potential differences between the male and female dentists

All dentists go through the same training and certifications, but when it comes to gender, the quality of dental care may present some minor differences that patients can’t help but notice. Compared to males, females have smaller hands, which can be pretty comforting as they effortlessly work their way into the mouth.

The nurturing habits of women don’t end in their homes, and it’s likely to be seen in their workplace, too, not forgetting they are usually excellent listeners. It means they can listen to every detail of their patients’ concerns and determine the best treatment in the circumstances.

Even in history, female dentists are known to establish the best approaches for treatments, unlike their equivalents.


Generally, women are more caring than the male gender, and it’s not unusual if you are looking forward to a female dentist for your next visit to the dental clinic Parramatta. However, ensure you request in advance. Most importantly, ensure you choose a dentist that makes you feel comfortable and irons out your dental problems appropriately. For the best and comprehensive dental care, find the clinic with a highly qualified and certified team of dentists that are passionate about oral health. With oral health comes a brighter smile and better overall health!

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