Woodside Credit: The Key to Financing at Barrett-Jackson Auctions

Welcome to the world of Woodside Credit, your trusted partner for financing luxury and classic cars at Barrett-Jackson Auctions. For passionate car enthusiasts and collectors with discerning tastes, this exclusive collaboration offers unparalleled opportunities. In this article, we will delve into the seamless process of obtaining pre-approval with Woodside Credit, enabling you to acquire your dream vehicle at Barrett-Jackson’s prestigious auctions. Whether you have your sights set on an exotic masterpiece or a vintage classic, Woodside Credit’s individualized financing options enable you to realize your collector car dreams. Learn how this partnership extends far beyond auctions and provides ongoing benefits for your passion for automobiles.

Understanding Woodside Credit

In the realm of collector car financing, Woodside Credit stands as a beacon of excellence and reliability. As a distinguished company specializing in catering to the needs of collectors, Woodside Credit has earned its reputation as the go-to choice for financing luxury and classic vehicles.

In addition to its financial services, Woodside Credit is distinguished by its comprehensive knowledge of the collector car market. They comprehend the unique demands and desires of car enthusiasts and collectors, recognizing that these vehicles are not just possessions but cherished pieces of automotive history.

Woodside Credit’s approach is personalized, ensuring that each financing solution aligns with the client’s specific desires and financial goals. Their commitment to transparency, competitive rates, and flexible terms has made them a trusted name among those who seek to acquire the crème de la crème of collector cars.

By choosing Woodside Credit, you’re not just selecting a financial institution; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to turning your collector car dreams into a reality. Their expertise and passion for automobiles shine through in every transaction, making them the ideal companion on your journey to own the finest in automotive heritage.

Participating in a Barrett-Jackson auction is known for being the world’s greatest collector car auction. These auctions are renowned for their exclusivity, attracting clients who demand only the finest collector automobiles.

During these auctions, the stakes are high, and the competition is fierce. Having the right financing partner becomes crucial to securing the vehicle of your dreams. Woodside Credit, as the exclusive financing provider at Barrett-Jackson Auctions, ensures that you can navigate this prestigious realm with confidence, making your collector car aspirations a reality.

Benefits of Using Woodside Credit at Barrett-Jackson Auctions

Having the right financing partner can make all the difference when you enter the exciting world of Barrett-Jackson Auctions. Woodside Credit’s presence as the exclusive collector car loan provider at these auctions unlocks a plethora of benefits that pave the way to automobile ownership with unrivaled ease. 

  1. Streamlined Pre-Approval Process: Woodside Credit’s expertise in collector car financing shines from the very beginning. They offer a hassle-free pre-approval process tailored to the demands of Barrett-Jackson Auctions. This means you can arrive at the auction with a pre-approved loan, ready to make your bid on that prized vehicle without delays. However, if you miss your chance to get pre-approved before the auction, don’t let it stop you. Woodside Credit also offers financing throughout the auction.
  1. Low Monthly Payments: The allure of owning a collector car can sometimes be overshadowed by concerns about financial feasibility. With Woodside Credit, you can enjoy low monthly payments that spread the cost of your investment over time. This financial flexibility allows you to retain liquidity, enabling you to allocate your funds strategically in other areas while still acquiring the next classic or exotic vehicle for your collection.
  1. Expertise in Exotic and Classic Car Financing: Woodside Credit understands the nuances of financing exotic and classic vehicles. Their tailored solutions cater to the unique nature of these cars, ensuring that you receive a loan product that aligns perfectly with the value and desirability of the vehicle you intend to acquire.
  1. Preserving Your Passion: Woodside Credit shares your passion for collector cars. Their commitment to preserving automotive heritage aligns with your own, making them more than just a financial partner; they become a fellow enthusiast who appreciates the artistry and history behind every vehicle.

By choosing Woodside Credit, you’re not just financing a car; you’re investing in an experience. They pave the way for you to participate in Barrett-Jackson Auctions confidently, secure in the knowledge that your financial needs are expertly met. Beyond the auction, Woodside Credit remains a steadfast companion for all your future collector car acquisitions, ensuring your automotive collection continues to thrive.

Financing for Exotic and Classic Vehicles

Woodside Credit’s prowess extends beyond traditional financing. They specialize in the art of financing exotic and classic vehicles, acknowledging that these automotive treasures require a tailored approach.

Exotic cars exude unparalleled performance and design, while classic vehicles bear the weight of automotive history. Woodside Credit comprehends the unique value and allure of these cars, which often appreciate over time.

Whether you are captivated by the power of a modern exotic or the nostalgia of a vintage classic, Woodside Credit’s financing options are tailored to align with your goals. Their flexibility and expertise ensure that you receive financing options that respect the rarity and prestige of your chosen vehicle.

With Woodside Credit as your financing partner, you’re not just acquiring a car; you’re securing a piece of automotive heritage. Their commitment to preserving the essence of these vehicles mirrors your own passion, making them the perfect choice to accompany you on your journey to owning the finest in the world of collector cars.

Beyond the Auction: Woodside Credit’s Ongoing Benefits

While Woodside Credit’s partnership with Barrett-Jackson Auctions opens doors to exceptional collector car opportunities, their commitment to clients extends far beyond these momentous events. Choosing Woodside Credit means forging a lasting relationship with a company dedicated to your automotive passion.

Woodside Credit continues to support your collector car goals after the auction has concluded. They remain your dependable partner for all future purchases, ensuring that knowledge and financial flexibility will guide you through each step of your journey in the world of automobile collecting.

With Woodside Credit, you’re not merely securing a loan; you’re establishing a partnership that honors and nurtures your passion for collector cars, making your automotive dreams a lifelong reality.


Woodside Credit’s collaboration with Barrett-Jackson Auctions empowers car enthusiasts and collectors to seamlessly acquire their dream vehicles. With streamlined processes, low monthly payments, and an unwavering commitment to preserving automotive heritage, Woodside Credit stands as the ideal partner for those seeking to elevate their collector car pursuits.

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