XPODs: the Amazing Rechargeable Vape Pods

Vaping is becoming more popular every day and has been since its inception almost two decades ago. One of the reasons for the popularity is a belief in the benefits that it has over smoking. The main one being that it is less harmful because there is no burning tobacco involved. Due to the increase in vaping’s popularity, so many vaping devices have emerged to meet the different user demands. One of the most amazing vaporizers in the market is the XPOD from the reputable vape supplies manufacturer, ePuffer.

An in-depth look at XPODs

XPODs are rechargeable vaping devices, which are often referred to as vape pods. With XPODs, users get to enjoy the satisfying taste and a unique and stylish design. Besides, the devices offer vapers great convenience because they are easily portable, and can be carried in the pocket or purse, thanks to their light weight and small size. They are also all-in-one operation vaporizers allowing the user to use them anywhere, any time.

The features of XPODs

The latest XPOD vape pod is produced using ePuffer’s first-class magnetic atomization technology. They are fantastic-to-grip modern devices with a sleek design and come in different colours. An XPOD has the following features:

·   A rechargeable battery with a capacity of 375 mAh

·   A fast-charging port using a USB Type-C charger

·   A 1.5ML capacity pod cartridge

Once you purchase the kit, it comes with three blank refillable cartridges, a Type-C USB charging cable, and a multilanguage manual. If you want to see all the things users enjoy when they get XPODs, buy yours as soon as possible. Also, check out XPODs reviews to see what the happy users have said about the device. You can purchase these devices from leading vape shops. Better still, you can buy XPODs on the ePuffer website and enjoy great deals.

Getting started with XPODs

When you get XPODs, you will realize that everything you need to enjoy your vaping experience is included in the kit. You decide when ordering if you want prefilled or blank cartridges that you can fill with your preferred e-juice. If you go for the prefilled cartridges, your work is pretty easy because you only need to insert the prefilled pod into the XPOD and take a puff. The beauty of the pods is that they are magnetized and are secured firmly in place so the pod will not pop out if dropped.

You can refill the pod around four times before it needs to be replaced. However, the taste will indicate when you should discard a pod, which can be before or after four top-ups. Another thing users enjoy when they get XPODs, and is mentioned in many an XPODs review, is that the device does not have a complicated menu or buttons, but instead has an automatic draw. This means you just need to take a puff when you feel the desire to vape.

The Pros and Cons of XPODs

Below are the main advantages those who get XPODs enjoy:

·   Portability due to lightweight and reasonable size

·   The kit has three refillable pods

·   Battery lasts longer than other gadgets of the same capacity

·   One can use it while charging

·   Has Type-C charging system

On the downside, the XPODs prefilled flavours have a highest nicotine strength of only 3%. However, users can take care of this by refilling the cartridges with higher nic-strength e-liquids.


XPODs are fantastic vape devices and are even suitable for beginners since they are easy to use thanks to the automatic draw feature. Besides, their significant advantages are they are rechargeable, and the kit has three refillable cartridges. This allows users to prefill with their e-juice of their favourite flavours and nicotine strength.

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