Your Complete Guide to Understanding Vasectomy Reversals

If you could go back in time and change your decision to get a vasectomy, would you?

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If you regret getting a vasectomy and you want to have a baby, it isn’t too late. While vasectomies are considered a permanent form of male sterilization, there is a way to reverse your vasectomy so you can try to get your partner pregnant.

There can be many reasons why you might want to get your vasectomy reversed; maybe you just changed your mind, got into a new relationship with someone who wants children, or you want to start a new family after losing your partner or child.

Whatever your reasoning is, this guide will help you understand everything you need to know about vasectomy reversals.

Are Vasectomies Permanent?

Vasectomies are a permanent form of birth control, and while they can usually be surgically reversed, they should be treated as permanent for anyone considering getting one.

If you’re on the fence about having any future children, or you want children in the distant future, a vasectomy is not your best option.

What Are Vasectomy Reversals?

Vasectomy reversals are a surgical procedure that is done to undo the effects of a vasectomy.

During a vasectomy reversal, a doctor reconnects the vas deferens, a tube that connects the testicles to the penis, which allows sperm to travel to the semen and come out during ejaculation. This procedure can make it possible for you to get your partner pregnant.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Vasectomy Reversal?

Vasectomy reversals can be done until about twenty years after the vasectomy was done. The less time that has passed since the vasectomy is likely to have a better success rate for getting your partner pregnant.

While vasectomy reversals can be effective, there are additional factors that can still affect your likelihood to get your partner pregnant, such as your surgeon’s experience, your partner’s age, and if either of you has had fertility issues in the past.

Men who have partners that have also had a tubal ligation are not good candidates for a vasectomy reversal. In a situation like this, sperm extraction and in vitro fertilization are the best options to get your partner pregnant.

Success Rate

Vasectomy reversals can have a moderate to high success rate depending on your partner’s age, both of your fertility, how long of a time span between your vasectomy and vasectomy reversal, and who your surgeon is.

Finding a surgeon that is highly experienced in microsurgery is a significant factor in how successful your vasectomy reversal will be.

If you’re looking for some of the best vasectomy reversal doctors, the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal has an over 99% success rate for their patients. You can take a look at their results and testimonials for reversal here.

Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

There are two different types of vasectomy reversals that can be done, and whichever one your surgeon does will depend on if they find sperm in your vasal fluid. There isn’t a way of knowing which surgical method will need to be done until after the procedure has started, so it’s important to find a surgeon that is very experienced with both methods.


A vasovasostomy is where the surgeon will reconnect the vas deferens by stitching them together. This is the simpler of the two methods and can be done if there is sperm in your vasal fluid.


If there is scar tissue blocking your vas deferens, or if a vasovasostomy just won’t reverse the vasectomy, then a surgeon will do a vasoepididymostomy. In this procedure, the surgeon will suture the vas deferens to the epididymis, a small organ that holds the sperm in each testicle.

A surgeon may even use both of these methods if only one testicle needs a vasoepididymostomy since a vasovasostomy is an easier process.


Vasectomy reversals are outpatient procedures, so you should be able to go home a couple of hours after your doctor finishes. To heal faster and avoid getting an infection, you should follow these instructions after your vasectomy reversal:

  • Apply a cold compress or ice pack to your scrotum to try and prevent swelling.
  • Try to wear tight underwear to avoid too much movement that could open up your incision.
  • Avoid or limit any physical activities for a few days, and be sure to take that time off of work if your job is strenuous.
  • Keep your incision dry.
  • Do not have sex for a couple of weeks or until your doctor tells you that it’s okay.

Follow Up

After a vasectomy reversal, you’ll want to have a couple of follow-up visits to check your sperm count and motility. It could take a couple of months to a year before there is sperm in your ejaculation, so it’s good to monitor where you’re at if you’re trying to get your partner pregnant.


As with any surgical procedure, there are minor risks that can occur from having a vasectomy reversal. Here is a brief list of these risks and their likelihood.

  • Infection is always a minor risk when having a surgical procedure. Infections are uncommon but are easily treated with antibiotics.
  • A scrotal hematoma is an uncomfortable bruise that forms from bleeding under the skin. This can be avoided by following your doctor’s post-op instructions.
  • Chronic Pain is a very unlikely risk, but it is possible with both a vasectomy and a vasectomy reversal.


Vasectomy reversals are usually not covered by insurance, and since they’re a much more involved procedure than a vasectomy and typically need an experienced specialist, they’re not cheap.

Most vasectomy reversals can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000, which usually includes the office visit, anesthesia, the procedure itself, and follow-up visits as well.

It’s very important not to base who performs your vasectomy reversal off of the cost of the procedure. You will have a better chance at successfully reversing your vasectomy if you work with a specialist who has plenty of experience, even if they cost more.

The Takeaway

It’s more than possible to get your vasectomy reversed if you follow the guidelines we’ve provided. Hopefully, this guide gave you a better understanding of vasectomy reversals and what will give you the highest success rate in order to get your partner pregnant.

If you liked this article, be sure to follow us for more updates about health and fitness. If you’ve had a vasectomy reversal, leave a comment below and let us know how your experience was and what advice you would give to other men considering it.

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