10 Essential Things to Consider when Choosing Your Food Packaging Supplier

When you’re looking for a supplier of Mylar bags custom printing, there are many factors to consider. How can you ensure you get the best quality for your food packaging? Here’s everything you should keep in mind as you consider suppliers.

Types of Food Packaging

There are many types of food packaging, and some are better suited for certain types of food. The most popular options include Logo printed mylar pouches stand-up and lay-flat pouches, both of which are convenient for storage.

What Is Connected Packaging?

No matter what type of bag you choose, you have the chance to make it connected. Connected packaging contains QR codes that allow consumers to learn about your product. QR code on packaging provides several benefits:

  • Brand protection
  • Product authentication
  • Consumer engagement
  • Lifecycle tracking

10 Factors To Consider

Now that you know about the different options, it’s time to choose a supplier. The company you partner with should be able to provide packaging that meets your unique needs. As you shop around, here are 10 factors to inquire about.

1. Branding

Is the packaging in line with your brand? Consumers will associate the quality with your company, so you need to ensure containers are well-made.

2. Design

Are you able to customize the design? When it comes to food products, design has a considerable influence over what consumers buy. Your business has likely put a great deal of thought into a design that entices shoppers. If a supplier can’t print it, all that work will have gone to waste.

3. Sustainability

Today’s consumers are concerned about their carbon footprints and make purchasing decisions accordingly. Does the supplier offer sustainable packaging? If not, you should seek services elsewhere.

4. Transportation Environment

When your product is shipped, it’ll pass through several environments, which may include high humidity or sunlight. That means you need packaging that protects the product from the elements. To accommodate this, the supplier should offer materials that are moisture- and light-resistant.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

As a business, you want to find the best deal. Is partnering with this supplier cost-effective? You may want to compare offers before signing a contract.

6. Durability

Food containers need to keep the product safe, which is why durability is essential. It’s even more important if you market snacks as on-the-go.

7. Storage

Consumers expect packaging to keep their food fresh. The supplier should offer containers that do so while providing convenient storage.

8. Resealing

The ability to reseal opened pouches is expected nowadays, so make sure the supplier offers resealable options. If there’s concern about children accessing the contents, you should also choose a supplier that provides child-resistant designs.

9. Materials

What materials does the supplier offer? Are they high-quality and versatile? The materials used to make these pouches are important to consider because they’ll come into contact with food.

10. Production Speed

How quickly can the supplier print the containers? The quicker you get the product onto shelves, the more profit you can make.

Custom snack packaging ensures you get the right containers for your product. Which supplier you go with is ultimately your choice, but keep in mind that the packaging makes a significant difference to customers.