12 Natural Ways To Improve Memory

The brain is the central part that stores memories. Loss and decline in memory could occur due to many reasons, but it is frustrating. Poor memory also affects the overall efficiency of a person in routine tasks at home and the workplace.

In many cases the memory loss is hereditary, and it occurs due to genetics. However, it is also evident from research that diet and even lifestyle directly influence memory. What we eat and do is directly linked with the memorizing capabilities of the brain.

Natural Ways To Improve Memory

The brain, just like other body organs, needs energy derived from food to work properly. Likewise, the lifestyle and habits of a person define the overall health and well-being of the brain. Alpha Brain by Onnit is an organic supplement designed to boost cognitive functioning, improve your memory, enhance focus, and increase mental speed. Let us know how certain positive changes in diet and lifestyle can help to improve memory.

1.      Eat Less Added Sugar

A person might take sugar directly or indirectly in the form of added sugar. The most common example of added sugar is carbonated drinks. These have huge amounts of hidden sugar. Research suggests that excess added sugar could lead to a decline in brain volume and brain memory.

It is important to give up and eat less of added sugar. Cutting sugar, on the one hand, is helpful in enhancing the memory of the brain, and on the other hand, it helps to attain other physical health benefits such as the prevention of diabetes.

2.      Fish Oil Supplements

Memory loss is directly linked with aging. With age, the number of functional brain cells or neurons deteriorates, which results in memory loss. Researchers say that taking fish oil supplements helps with improving memory, especially in older people.

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 and other vital ingredients—these help in enhancing mental capabilities. Taking fish oil supplements helps to improve short-term memory. It is also very crucial to enhance episodic memory. Fish oil has numerous health benefits; one of them is that it enhances cognitive abilities such as memory.

3.      Make Time For Meditation

Regular practice of meditation can secure many health benefits. It is found that meditation helps to soothe and relax the brain. It improves memory by reducing stress, reducing pain, and improving memory.

Meditation is more specifically linked to increased gray matter in the brain. Gray matter is the part of the brain that is linked with storing and saving memories. As we age, the gray matter also tends to decline and results in poor memory or memory loss. Thus meditation also helps to improve memory.

4.      Maintain Healthy Weight

Healthy weight is essential to overall health. Healthy weight is much needed for well-being and proper functioning of mind and body. Research shows that obesity is directly linked with the decline in cognitive abilities, especially memory.

Obesity is related to other health issues such as inflammation and insulin resistance. These conditions also impair normal brain functioning and result in poor memory. In order to prevent premature memory loss, it is important to maintain healthy body weight.

5.      Drink Less Alcohol

Alcohol not only deteriorates mental health but also results in memory loss. Its harms are not confined to this; rather, it affects many physical as well as mental aspects of health. Alcohol interrupts normal neuron function and thus causes a decline in cognitive skills.

With support and care, a person can overcome issues such as alcohol addiction. Not everyone can afford treatment and therapies provided at a rehab center. In such cases, addiction anonymous, a group especially designed to help addicts, might help out.  

6.      Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves techniques to let a person focus on the present while maintaining awareness of surroundings. It is a bit different from meditation. Mindfulness is a habit that can be practiced anytime.

Mindfulness allows relaxation. It is also beneficial to improve concentration and memory. Mindfulness is also very essential to overcome and prevent age-related cognitive problems such as memory loss.

7.      Better Sleep

Try managing 7-8 hours of sleep each day. Sleep deprivation is directly associated with memory loss. In addition to this, sleep also plays a crucial role in the consolidation of memory. Memory consolidation is the process in which short-term memories are converted to more secure long-term memories.

8.      Mind Strengthening

There are numerous fun games and activities which are a useful cognitive drill. It is very helpful in strengthening and boosting memory. If played on a regular basis, this helps to reduce the risk factor of getting dementia later in life.

9.      Exercise More

Exercise proves blood circulation to all parts of the body. It also provides oxygen to the brain. This is very useful in avoiding possible memory loss in the future. A study suggests the synthesis of neuroproteins, which is responsible for the growth as well as the development of new neurons strengthen cognitive abilities. Thus, you can do any exercise from skipping rope to bicep stretches and aerobics to push-ups, exercise of any sort is helpful for the mind.

10. Vitamin D

It is important to know what deficiencies affect the cognitive capabilities of the brain. The deficiency of Vitamin D is linked with many mental problems, such as a reduction in memory. Thus it is very crucial to overcome such deficiencies to avoid memory problems later in life.

11. Cut Down Refined Carbs

Taking a diet rich in refined carbs also leads to memory problems in individuals. Refined carbs actually instantly cause a rise in blood sugar which is harmful to neurons and might even damage memory too. Refined carbs impair normal brain function and also result in reduced mental capabilities. Thus in order to maintain good mental health, avoids refined carbs.

12. Choose Anti-Inflammatory Food

There are many foods that are rich in antioxidants. Such foods are very useful to reduce inflammation. Inflammation certainly reduces brain capabilities in terms of reduced memory. It is also very useful to combat oxidative stress and boost memory.

Take Away

Certain changes in lifestyle and diet can help to boost memory. Memory is an important brain function. However, many factors such as aging, genetics, and even diet can result in memory loss. This may become frustrating and makes an individual unable to perform routine tasks effectively. Some corrective measures can help to reduce the risk factor of memory loss later in life.

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