3 Best Morning Tea Which Can Replace Any Coffee Drink

Everyone knows that drinking a cup of tea in the morning is better for you than any delicious latte, right?
Well, maybe not.

Sure, a macchiato or a latte feels like a good way to start the morning, especially when you’re running off only a few hours of sleep and have a long day ahead.

Think of the consequences though! Coffee drinks infused with dairy products can crumble your metabolism, and slow far too many of your body processes though.

Drinking black coffee or pure espresso is a better option, but not too many of us can do that day in and day out, it just doesn’t taste good enough!

Want a solution that will better fit your life style? You need to try these 3 types of tea!

In America we know green tea, black tea, and maybe matcha. Matcha is an excellent, unique tea, but matcha lattes have destroyed to nature of benefits from this amazing drink.

Want to try something even more unique than any of these? Give yerba mate, pu-erh, or oolong tea a try!

There is an entire world of tea in the Eastern hemisphere that us Americans rarely know anything about.
It’s about time we start learning!

Pu-erh Tea

Image Source River Tea

I was first introduced to pu-erhtea by my wife who is from Kazakhstan. She tried pu-erh on one of her trips to China growing up, and her family had been drinking it at home ever since.

With her home country being situated next to China, she’s lucky enough to have access to high quality pu-erh pretty much any time.

In America we might not be so fortunate for this, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to find and explore this wonderful drink.

In traditional Chinese medicine, pu-erh is one of the strongest treatments for weight loss, and digestive system cleansing.

Although scientifically pu-erh has less antioxidants than other types of tea, Chinese medicine holds it in even higher regard.

One of the many aspects which makes pu-erh special is that similar to fine wine, pu-erh becomes better with age.
I’ve never tried some of the fabled 40-50-year-old pu-erh tea, but I can only imagine how great it is.

Pu-erh is normally relatively low in caffeine, by the composition of the tea itself makes it stimulating.

Pu-erh is excellent for detoxing the body not only through the digestive system, but by cleansing the blood stream of toxins and free radicals.

One study published in 2009 showed the direct benefit of pu-erh on lowering the “bad” LDL cholesterol levels in animals who were given pu-erh extract.

Waking up with 1 cup of pu-erh in the morning will do much more than any latte or coffee drink ever could!

Oolong Tea

Image Sorce: RiverTea

Oolong tea may be a little bit more well-known than pu-erh, but it is still undervalued in our society.

While I was playing basketball professionally in Belgium in 2016, I was fortunate enough to find an extremely wise holistic health massage therapist. She had studied massage therapy in several Asian countries, gave me as a gift a small “brick” of aged oolong tea.

I promise; if you ever need a quick weight loss program, find some aged oolong tea.

There are many incredible health benefits to drinking oolong tea, especially since its plant biology is essentially a cross between green tea, and black tea.

Oolong tea leaves are only partially oxidized; giving it a caffeine content closer to black tea, and intrinsic benefits closer to green tea.

This is a powerful drink, believe me!

Oolong tea can have about the same amount of caffeine per cup as black coffee, with a host of other unique benefits.

In Chinese medicine, oolong tea is known as the ultimate weight loss tea. Even more so than pu-erh, which I mentioned before.

American studies have proven this before as well, using a comparison with caffeine alone to show that oolong tea itself is responsible for a huge increase in the ability of people to lose weight.

Along with its weight loss properties, oolong tea also is beneficial for improving general health, fighting off inflammation based issues in the body, reducing cholesterol, supporting bone health and structure, and providing valuable antioxidants to the body.

I think I will head to get my daily cup of oolong now.

Yerba Mate Tea

Image Sorce: RiverTea

Yerba mate teahas become quite a bit more popular in America as I have seen in the past year or two, with a few brands producing high quality on a larger scale.

Yerba mate is a drink from traditional South American culture, and has shown more beneficial compounds than green tea by quite a bit!

In fact, yerba contains as much antioxidants in one cup as nearly anything else on this planet.

Studies have shown yerba mate’s ability to protect nearly every function in your body, all the way down to your DNA.

No matter what health issue you are dealing with, there’s a good chance that drinking 1 or 2 cups of yerba per day will assist you with getting through it.

Concluding Thoughts
Honestly, it’s tough giving up that coffee drink in the morning.

If it didn’t taste so good, Starbucks wouldn’t be as big of a corporation as it is.

Especially if you are looking to lose a little bit of extra weight, improve a chronic health issue, or looking to increase your daily energy levels; switching over to a healthier drink to start your morning is the way to go.

It doesn’t take many significant changes to product the results you want in yourself, but this is one small change that can make a big difference!