Tips to Make Your Hair Thinner

Nowadays, we fall into the trap of a quick fix trying to skip the in between in the effort to save time. As life often teaches us, some things you just can’t rush. If your situation is dire you should consult your primary doctor to verify if you are not suffering from anything internally that could possibly affect your thinning hair or hair loss.

Ultimately overall health comes from within so ensure that you’re taking in all the good stuff along with the steps I’ve just mentioned will help you reach your healthy natural virgin hair goal! We know it’s hard being patient, but if you trust the process the following steps will work!

1. Trim

First thing you should do is evaluate if you’re overdue for a cut/trim. It’s suggested that you trim your natural hair every 3-6 months (depending on hair type) in order to keep your hair weaving healthy and thriving. Keeping dead ends doesn’t do you any good and if you’ve experienced heat damage it’s wise that you cut that off too.

2. Deep conditioning is a must!

Whether you pay your hair stylist a visit or opt to do it at home, deep conditioning is necessary at least once a month. Conditioner aids in strengthening your locks and gives it its shine. Everyone’s hair type is different so you might need to up the frequency.

3. Massage your scalp for increased blood flow

It all begins at the scalp. Neglecting the roots Also, take the time to examine the health of your scalp because that can be a reason why your hair hasn’t reached your goal. If your case looks more severe I highly recommend you consult a professional to verify if you need something more.

4. Don’t forget to take your vitamins

Multi vitamins are good for you inside and out so you can kill 2 birds with one stone! Vitamins help strengthens your virgin hair from root to end and assists with preventing breakage.


I’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again, but it’s absolutely true. Water is almost always the cure for everything. Want radiant skin? Drink more water. Want a higher credit score? Drink water. Ok I’m kidding about the credit score but the point is DRINK MORE WATER.

6. A careful brushing

If you don’t brush your hair carefully you’ll be doing more harm than good. A very tight brushing with a wet and tangled hair can be harmful to your hair ends, the hair ends will split open.

It’s something that many women overlook, but it’s very important, always brush your hair very gently and very carefully. From the root to the ends of your hair, treat your hair with the utmost care.

7. Never overuse the hairdryer

Never overuse the hairdryer, do not copy the other women who do, by resorting to such a desperate attempt to try to give more volume to their hair these women by using brute force and the hairdryer create themselves an alopecia by traction. To give you an idea, some stars in the world of entertainment, such as Serena Williams and Naomi Campbell, have experienced it.

8. Use lighter colors

Try to look more flirtatious and even riskier in your style, lightening the color of your hair, or simply add light reflections to the stems of your hair, will increase its overall thickness. Sometimes even a small difference is enough.

9. Be Careful With Wet Hair

Hair is most vulnerable to breaking while being wet. Many people have the habit of brushing and rubbing towels directly after getting out of the shower. Never do that!

It’s better to brush before you get your hair wet, or use the blow drying method we mentioned above. If you wish to use a towel, don’t rub it, instead blot your hair gently with a soft towel and let it dry off. Also, after your hair is dry, avoid tying it up tightly. Tight ponytails or braids can damage the roots, leaving scars that ultimately destroy them. Adopt a habit of loosening up your hair especially while sleeping.

10. Takeaway

Hair is one of the sexiest features of a human body, and it certainly doesn’t look appealing with a view of your scalp, because of your thin hair. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t recover from it.

If you aren’t a victim of extensive hair fall or thinning, then you can keep all these tips in mind to avoid getting to this stage. However, if you have damaged hair, start following our useful tips and witness a change within weeks.

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