3 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know about Celebrities on Instagram

Would you like to see Jennifer Aniston showing the eggs hatched from her pet chickens in a garden? Aniston is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. Again, are you curious to know what Taylor Swift was up to last night? If yes, you need to follow these Hollywood celebs on the photo-sharing social media site Instagram.

According to an article published on https://www.vogue.com, as per Rihanna’s IG profile, you might have been mispronouncing the celeb’s stage name, which is Ri-Anna.

We all have seen Hollywood celebs on the big screen, but these days, they want you to get a sneak peek into their living rooms, private jets, and their fantastic lives. Then, if you think that Britney Spears is busy on her iPhone posting her next picture on Instagram, it is not so. They have people to manage their social media posts. Here are three surprising facts you did not know about celebrity Instagram:

1. Every celeb photo has a team of professionals behind it

Did you know that a hot-bodied celeb sporting her bathing suit embracing all her curves by the turquoise ocean and drinking the latest cocktail brand is nothing but aplanned invention? In rare cases, you will see any Hollywood celebrity posting his or her candid photo with a product. It’s all orchestrated. They have their shooting teams, social media managers, and makeup professionals

Often a week’s photographs are used in a single day. The team behind these celebs is running around all the time to shoot movie stars in their latest attire. They will have a rackfull of clothes and all prepared to go for the next shoot. All things happen at lightning speed from hairdo to clothes and makeup. Finally, the team has 10-15 shots enhanced for that perfect photo on Instagram. Once all of this work is done, the team is paid by the hour.

And, guess what? All images retouched using Photoshop. The visuals are tweaked with enhanced filters to look stunning!

2. Celeb social media managers paid in six figures for creating stunning IG photos

Yes, celeb social managers have a lucrative job with six-figure paychecks in Hollywood. Then, they know their job and what they create is impeccable and the best. These professionals might not be traveling in a celeb’s private jet as part of the support staff, but they receive text messages continuously from the stars. That is because they have some fabulous celeb stories that are sent from faraway lands from all over the globe and the managers need to translate the texts into precisely what the celebs meant.

It is a tough job indeed, and so no wonder why the managers draw a fat paycheck. It is the responsibility of the managers to check active followers for the celebs on Instagram

Then, high salaries come with risks. A hazy Instagram image can end a high-paid and glamorous job with the drop of a hat. The pay is high but the pressure is huge on the social media managers working for Hollywood celebs. There are instances of managers fired because they did mess up on a celeb’s Instagram post. It could simply because the movie star did not like the post. The job is fast-paced and must be flawless. There is no place for mediocrity here.

The job is not just tweaking the photos, but to improve the copy, visuals, and build a social media strategy for effective fan management. The fans will like, share, and comment on the posts and the managers need to respond to their queries or comments to keep the conversation forward. It is teamwork and calls for hard work and talent.

3. Number of engaged followers matters and not just followers

These days, only having loads of Instagram followers will not suffice. You need a more engaged number of followers, thus making the job of celeb managers challenging than ever. Then, they’re paid handsomely for it.

What matters is the proportion of likes or comments to Instagram followers that people seek these days. It means followers not only see Hollywood celeb photos but also interact on Instagram. Fans are touching the celebrity brand and they are showing more involvement than ever. When a celeb endorses some brand, the convergence of people purchasing the item is when the movie star’s IG profile shows more engagement.

Now, building engagement is the job of the social media managers besides taking care of the photo quality. The team works hard to keep watch on fan likes, comments, and shares. A quick response is very important. This way, fans know that celebs care about them. It matters what they have to say about a celebrity photo on Instagram. It is continuous hard work and the zeal to build more engagement and not just the number of followers.

Conclusion There are other essential aspects when it comes to celebrity Instagram. So if you are a fan of Jennifer Atkinson, keep watch on what she is planning the next weekend. Her social team is already working on it while you are reading this article!

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