5 Colorful Ways to Use Pastels in your Modern Interiors

Colors simulate several emotions in an individual. The human mind is highly receptive to colors. In fact, colors have an instant impact on the mood of an individual. While some colors cause one to be alert, others simulate a relaxing environment.

In recent days, individuals and designers are looking at different ways of incorporating pastel shades in their work. As these are aesthetically pleasing, they are universally loved. However, not many people have a clear idea of pastel shades.

Understanding Pastel Shades

Simply put, pastels are a family of pale colors. These have high luminance and are low on saturation. Thus, to create a pastel shade you can add luminance to any pure color on the wheel. While adding the luminance, you can choose complementary, monochromatic, or analogous color harmonies.

The only criterion for creating beautiful pastels is that their luminance must be higher than the original shade. Also, pastels are derived out of pure colors. When you add grey or black to a color, it is no longer perceived as a pastel hue.

Purpose of Pastels

Pastels are light on the eye, and people associate happy emotions with such shades. While some pastel shades convey peace and joy, others talk of love, romance, satisfaction, and affection. Pastels find ample application in baby-related products, wedding events, home interiors, dessert shops, and skincare products.

Pastel in Modern Homes

Modern home décor has been prompt in embracing the beauty of pastels. Walking to a pastel home after a long day at work is comforting. Pastel creates a relaxing ambiance in the home. Such a change has a positive impact on the relationship that you share with your family members. These are neutral paint colors for the home and add a welcoming feel to the living space. Here are five ways in which you can use pastels in your modern home.

Pastel Kitchen Appliances

A modern kitchen is incomplete without a range of kitchen appliances. From mixers to ovens, kitchen appliances have come a long way in terms of utility and design. Although they were traditionally restricted to white, black, and beige colors, today’s gadgets are available in every imaginable color.

Refrigerators, stoves, and ovens are available in a host of pastel shades ranging from aqua to pink. If you can replace your conventional countertop appliances (such as stand mixers or blenders) with ones in lavender, peach, or buttery yellow, it will give your kitchen a unique personality.

Pastel appliances give an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen thereby inspiring you to experiment with the food. These days, several home appliances brands have pastel pink kitchen tools to support breast cancer awareness. Buying such electronics will help you transform your kitchen and give it a modern vibe.

Pastel as a Masculine Color

Contrary to popular expectations, pastel is not a privilege of the young and the feminine. One of the best things about pastel shades is their versatility.  For example, a combination of turquoise, navy blue, and soft air blue will give a masculine feel to the room. 

If you are looking to create depth, you must use pastel shades with bold colors and patterns. That way, they will be accents to your dominant colors. Alternatively, if you want a more cheerful look, you can have the pastels as your focal point and plan the bolder colors around that.

Country Cottage Home Look with Pastels

Pastels are a welcome addition for situations where you wish to achieve a rustic weathered look. A classic cottage style indoors helps to transform the small spaces and give them a homely look. With more jobs switching to remote work options, such a house helps to boost your productivity at work.

Natural influences such as pastel shades of pink, green, blue, and yellow kindle the creative instincts in an individual. When used against a weathered or distressed wood backdrop, the colors pastels give an antique feel and serve as an ideal study room décor. You can use the pastel shades in solids, patterns, or a mix of the two. The best thing about pastel shades is that you can team them against any color, and they will go well.

Pastel DIY Color Enhancements

Pastel colors offer a sea of opportunities for your DIY projects. The infinite number of pastel paints inspired projects help to lend an air of freshness to the room and gives a modern touch. For example, if you can paint the farmhouse chairs in pastel shades, it will lend an air of calmness and authenticity to the room. You can also consider gradient painting your DIY projects. That way, the color will change from light pastel shades to darker shades in a gradual manner, and you can add custom touches that will be soothing to the eyes. To make the most of the pastel hues in your DIY projects, start by identifying objects in the room that could do with a coat of pastel. Select a pastel shade that fits into the ambiance of the room before you start the painting.

Pastel As a Complement to Wooden Interiors

All pastel shades blend with natural materials such as wood paneling, rattan, seagrass, and wooden floors. If the interior décor of your house has lighter woods such as light maple, bamboo, or oak, any pastel shade will complement it well. Adding luxury designer rugs, curtains, and sofas  are some of the items that will enhance the overall look of your home.

For those who are keen on a bolder and contrast look, red cherry wood complements décor in peach or pink hues. Deep brown stains or mahogany can be used with pastel green, yellow, or blue to achieve an elegant look. The fact that pastels are a great complement to wood and other eco-friendly textures is the primary reason why organic brands use pastel shades to depict the earth and its raw elements.

For most people, the home is the place where they would spend a major fraction of the day. A pastel color palette helps to do away with the fatigue and gives it soothing to the eyes. After a tough day at work, it will give you something to look forward to. Moreover, pastel décor helped you stand out from the ordinary and helps you stand out.

When you give up on the mundane neutral solid colors, there is a lot of room for experimentation. The gorgeous palette has a good vibe to it and lets you usher in a certain warmth in your place. As you use pastels to add a cheer to your sweet abode, here’s hoping that this article contributed to helping you achieve the aesthetics that you had always dreamt of.

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