5 Themes to Consider While Choosing Canvas Wall Art in Summers

Longer days, warmer weather, and new hope– this is summer. 

Are you decorating your home this season? Or, giving it a fresh look? If YES, this blog is a must-read for you.

Here you’ll find five themes that should be on your checklist when you go out or pick up your phone to buy canvas wall art for your living room.

But why should canvas art be on your decor items list?

There are multiple ways to style your home. You can use mirrors, photo frames, and even popular DIY tricks. However, art has something magical when it comes to decor. It adds a sense of individuality to those empty walls, instantly uplifting the ambiance and setting a mood.

The color and patterns you pick define your personality, giving every visitor a glimpse into your persona.

Moreover, summer is the season of life. Look around, and you’ll find blooming flowers, squeaking squirrels, and everyone taking a stroll outside in the evening. It’s a sign you must spruce up your space, too, with the following themes–

Let Summer Speak For Itself.

Your garden is filled with nature’s bounty. From roses to the grass, everything is smiling. Why leave this abundance outside? Bring it home with wall art. Pick botanical prints and vibrant tropical scenes to infuse your spaces with the beauty of nature. Imagine having a lush green landscape wall art on the wall opposite the main door. It will add the freshness of these themes to your home, uplifting every visitor’s mood.

Turn Bathrooms into Beaches.

Are you a beach person? Do you love the time spent relaxing on beaches and the soothing sea breeze gently caressing your skin? You can bring that to your home.

All you need is to find a wall to display coastal-themed wall art. Those sandy shores, ocean waves, and palm-fringed beaches will calm your senses. While you can mount them on any wall, interior designers suggest bathrooms are the best place to do so. 

Because it is the first area you go to after waking up, looking at coastal art pieces every morning will be an instant motivation booster. Need some inspo, explore the internet for Bathroom Wall Art Canvas. 

Play a Little with Textures & Patterns

Well, 2023 summer home decor trends are all in for experiments. Whatever texture or pattern you pick for your accent wall’s display will become a centerpiece. You can go for abstract artwork or choose a contemporary piece that adds a touch of modernity and elegance to those corners.

The best part is that these pieces will become a conversation starter. Or, you can simply relax on the weekend looking at that pattern, thinking of what more it can mean.

Believe the experts; it’s as thrilling as solving a puzzle.

Go Abstract, No Meanings Attached

Love to keep things mysterious? Select bold and vibrant abstract canvas wall art. Those lines, patterns, and shapes will make everyone curious about your selection. 

But as you know, it’s summer, so instant of going for all dark themes and shades, pick the ones with a burst of bright hues. It will reflect liveliness and change the aesthetics of the room completely. 

In short, it’ll add a little drama without overpowering other room elements. Hang it in a kitchen or a living room.

Inspirational Quotes & Typography?

Love affirmation cards? Hang canvas wall art inspired by those words and phrases to fill your room with positive energy. Summer is a reason for growth, so selecting a piece with inspirational quotes and typography will motivate you daily to work on your goals.

On days when things will become challenging, these hangings remind you to stay motivated and keep going.

That’s a Wrap!

All these themes are inspired by summer to turn your home into a landscape of art. No matter where you love to sit or relax, each wall will reflect the season’s energy, beauty, and vibrancy. You can pick summer as your muse or embrace the coastal vibes. These pieces will breathe new life into your blank walls. 

Time to pick a theme and give your sweet home an instant makeover.