5 Tips to Make Your Teacher’s Birthday Special in Classroom

Teacher’s birthday is arrived and you have a great opportunity to earn a great amazing smile on their faces. Birthday is the special moment of everyone’s life comes once in a year. Teachers play vital role in building student’s career. Teachers just not educate us but also learn us good values and virtues to build a social status in society. So with due respect you must appreciate their special contribution by giving them a birthday surprise.

Here we will let you know about some tricks of how you can rejoice their celebration of life.


Birthday Banner

Parents and other teachers can take part in this and do a good job to make their day. Tell kids and parents to make a birthday card for teacher. Every kid has to leave a special message “why she/he is good teacher”. Now collect all the cards at one place. Have some clips to fix it on the rope. Now attach the hand-made cards one by one. Prepare a rectangle banner. Now fold it into double then triple and then four parts, so that it can fit into box. Now wrap this gift in a box. Time is to give surprise. As soon as teacher comes in the class give teacher a gift box and tell her to open the box and hang it in decorating the classroom with balloons.

 Surprise Party

Create some entertainment on the recess time. Don’t let your teacher know about her birthday celebration. As soon as recess bell rings start decorating the classroom with balloons and tassels. Order a cake from send birthday cake online so you don’t miss the chance for celebration. Write an appreciation or thank you notes on the board to say “how humble and kind she is”. As soon as your teacher comes in the class scream “Happy Birthday” loudly. It would be the shocking but grateful surprise she gets by her favorite students. Tell her to cut the cake and enjoy celebrating the moment afterwards.

Class Card

Store bought card will not attract visually then home-made cards. Impress your class teacher with the big card made with a big craft paper. Cut a big rectangle card and fold it. You will get oversized card to paint a beautiful happy birthday message. Every student will be given a chance to make a wish or write something good for teacher. That’s a best birthday gift your teacher will cherish for the years to come.

Homemade Class Gifts

There are so many crafts to learn and make home-made gifts for your teacher. Get one scrap book and fill it with the memorable picture of group photo with your teacher. Students can also bring their memorable photo with the class teacher and attach it with sign on it. You can also make some memorable crafts like “tree plant” made with pipe cleaner and some craft papers. One can also savor her sweet tooth by gifting her hand-made cookies jar.

Poem or Song

She or he is interested in music students can impress their teacher by reciting a wonderful poem in group. It should be rhythmically connected with the greetings of birthday wishes. Kindergarten needs a practice so parents and other teachers have to be patient to make it perfect. The young age students can make poem or song on their own to sing it in front of teacher. Students can take help of teacher or parents to make it rhythmically perfect.

And if you are not satisfied with it, Order Birthday Gifts Online suits to their mood and give them a huge surprise on their special day.

Nothing lasts longer then a memory. Though student will leave the school their appreciation will always stay in teacher’s mind. They will immediately recognize no matter how old are you. So as parents or young students you can create a long lasting memory for teacher and for you. These tricks are good enough to bring cute smile on teacher’s face. So without worry take this golden chance to make your teacher’s birthday a golden moment of life.