6 Organizing Tips For The Brides To Be

Successful planning usually makes for 50% of all the effort it takes to put together a big wedding. An event of such magnitude and symbolic importance carries many pre-event activities that will ease the whole process and allow all weds-to-be to fully enjoy their first day of marriage.

Scroll through for some helpful tips for the better organization:

1.  Start early

Even if you have most of the details already figured out in your head, you have to make sure everything goes according to plan by reaching out to your suppliers, venue owners, and hairstylists/makeup artists. Talk to each and ask them if they are available in advance. Pre-booking can be a nightmare if not done early in the process. And given the current restrictions that all event organizers had to endure and so many weddings being postponed, you are sure to look for dates in the far future for your special day. The same goes for your DJ and photographer.

2.  Ask for help

Event management and planning can be tedious things to do by yourself, especially if you lack any type of experience in this domain. If you can’t afford to pay a wedding planner, think of alternatives, and don’t be ashamed to ask for help from your close friends or relatives. There are also counselors that can help you strictly on the day of the event and that charge less for their on-the-spot service.

Otherwise, maybe your mother-in-law would love to be involved and schedule dress fittings for you, or someone at work can lend a helping hand with printing some materials. You never know until you ask.

3.  Use a Project Management tool

If you are a digital savvy person, you will definitely love using a project management tool of some sort to plan the whole wedding. There’s plenty of options to be found online. And they will help you get rid of carrying notebooks and agendas all the time in your purse.

You have everything at your fingertips, so in case you need to double-check something you can easily do it. You can also share your timeline and budget with your spouse without meeting if both of you have busy schedules. And things tend to get really hectic in the last month before the event.

4.  Protect the investment

As much as you try to make the event affordable, weddings take a lot of financial resources. Make sure to protect your money by trying wedding insurance from Eventsured for example, or by signing specific contracts with your suppliers so that you have enough coverage in case of cancelation.

5.  Follow-up the event

Many brides-to-be tend to focus on the day of their wedding and less on the post-event activities. Always take time to get things done after the event as well. Writing little “thank you” notes and having them prepared is a great way to show proper etiquette and your future husband can help as well. Also, making sure that the photographs of your guests reach them shortly after the wedding is something that will take time as well and that needs to be done by the newlywed couple.

6.  Stick to the budget

Women can sometimes be really indecisive and change their minds at the last minute. Keep a clear account of all the expenses and if you are under a tight budget, try not to make any concessions. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice your honeymoon budget or jump at purchasing unnecessary fancy items for your wedding day.

In summary

If you are committed to holding your wedding in the near future, there is no better time to start planning than today. Make sure to start organizing the event as early as possible, think of any practical solution that would ease your work, and stick to the budget. With these things in the back of your mind, you are surely on the right track to a magnificent wedding feast.

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