How to Know More About Your Online Date?

Dating someone is exciting, and everyone looks forward to knowing more about their partner. Today, we have different ways to meet new people online. However, knowing more about your online date can be a challenging task. You should be careful with whom you meet through online dating sites and also ensure that you use only reliable sites like parentflirt.

That is why we will share an excellent guide to help you get every detail of your date without asking them for it. You will find three different methods for the job. You can try out any of these to get the details you want. 

Without wasting more time, let’s see the options you have. 

Method1: Perform a Background Check

There’s no better way than performing a background check on someone to know more about them. It lets you check their public details along with all the information you need. A background check will show you their full name, contact details, employment history, criminal background, and much more.

Interestingly, you can find out if your date is secretly married with the same option. All you need is to use an online background check tool to do it.

You can click here to see if someone is married or perform a complete background check using this tool. 

How to Perform a Background Check?

You do not need to worry about performing a background check as we have the best platform to do it. You can use CocoFinder’s background check tool to do it. Here’s how to use this application:

  • Visit the CocoFinder’s website on any web browser.
  • Click on the Background check tool from its website.
  • Enter the full name of your online date and hit the search button.
  • Access all the information from the report generated by this tool. 

That’s it. You can now find any information about your date without facing any trouble. The best part is that the method is completely safe, and the person can never find out that you performed a check on them. 

Method2: Check their Social Media Accounts

Everyone is on social media these days. Hence, you can easily use these platforms to know something about your online date. All you need is to find their social media profiles and check what type of friends they have, their interests, likes, and other things.

However, the main challenge is to find the social media account of the person. For this, we recommend you use the email address of that person. You can ask for their email address by making any excuse. After that, search on some famous platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat with their email address.

It will show the associated account with that email address. This way, you can know about your date without making it awkward. 

Here are some quick tips to help you with this method:

Tip1- Don’t Use Your Account

Searching for someone on social media can send a notification to the person, and they will find out you are trying to know more about them. Although not every social media platform informs the user, it is not worth taking the risk. 

Tip2- Check Mutual Friends

Try to find a mutual friend on their profile who can help you get more information. It is helpful when the person has a private account, and you can not access all the information. Having a common friend can help you get a lot of information without facing any issues. 

Tip3: Use Facebook Trick

Not a lot of people know, but you can easily find out the posts liked by someone. All you need to do is type someone’s name and add “posts liked by.” It will show all the posts liked by that person. The trick is secret, and one can easily get access to someone’s information. 

You can try it out on your friend’s account before trying it on your date. 

Method3: Find Mutual Connections

If you have a mutual friend, coworker, or any person with your online date, you get a lot of information about them. All you need is to find that person who can give you more details of that person. It does not need to be like a background check to ask about their interests and hobbies. 

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The method is quite helpful as you can find some really interesting things about that person. To do this, we recommend checking their Facebook friend list or Instagram followers. There, you will find a lot of connections with that person. 

If you do not have access to their social media accounts, using the background check feature is helpful. All you need is to take the list of acquaintances from there and use those connections to know more about them.

Please know that enquiring with mutual friends has a risk of exposing yourself to the person as well. If that connection informs the person about your inquiry, it might backfire. Thus, be careful with this method.

Is CocoFinder Safe to Use?

The application (CocoFinder) we recommended in the first option is quite helpful in finding someone’s public details. You can use it without any privacy or security issues as the platform is completely encrypted. Additionally, you do not need to create an account to use its background check services.

More than a million users trust CocoFinder to find public information. The best part is that the application does not record your search queries, giving you the complete freedom to search for someone’s information.

Final Words

The above methods will help you find all the information about your online date. The first method is quite effective as you do not need to rely on anyone to help you with the task. You can simply find the information using a public information center. 

On the other hand, the second method depends on social media profiles and will help you find interesting facts about the person.

Finally, the last method is quite effective but carries a risk as the mutual friend can expose you in the process.

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