6 Surprising Facts About the Root Canal Treatment

The pain inside your mouth can interfere with many aspects of your life. For example, with a toothache, you will often experience difficulties when eating your favorite food. In addition, when tooth pain strikes you during the night, you will barely get quality sleep. In most cases, a toothache occurs when the cavities or the tooth’s crack reaches the tooth pulp. Fortunately, the endodontist can remove the infection in the center of your abscessed tooth through the Pomona root canals, thus alleviating pain. If you are ready for the root canal treatment, here are the facts that will surprise you about this therapy.

The Root Infections Can Cause Serious Complications When Left Untreated

The broken enamel is the entry of bacteria into the tooth, which causes infections in the innermost part of the tooth. Although normal oral hygiene practices such as brushing can help to reduce the traces of bacteria, they cannot fully remove all bacteria. Consequently, the decaying process will worsen with time, increasing the risk of tooth loss.

Root Canal Therapy Is Not Painful

Many individuals still have concerns that the procedure is painful. Although the act of the endodontist removing the infected pulp may sound frightening, the truth behind it is that the treatment is comfortable. During the procedure, the specialist will apply anesthesia to the tooth area requiring treatment to alleviate any chances of pain.

After This Treatment, Oral Hygiene Is Necessary

Some people think that after saving their teeth through root canal treatment, they are good to go. However, the reality is that you should not skip dental hygiene practices even after undergoing this treatment. Brush your teeth gently at least twice daily to reduce the chances of other cavities. It would be best if you also visited your dentist more often to know the progress of your root canal results.

Endodontic Therapies Are Straightforward

Many individuals are concerned that the root canal treatments would involve many appointments with the endodontist making them reluctant to explore these treatments. However, the reality is that specialists can complete the whole procedure in just a single appointment. After eradicating the infected pulp, the specialist fills the resulting hole with the necessary filling or the crown.

The Antibiotics Cannot Cure Your Infected Teeth

The first thing to come to the minds of the individuals experiencing tooth infections is to take antibiotics from the drugstores. However, these medications only mask the pain, which worsens your condition with time. The root canal is the only effective therapy to alleviate pulp infection.

After This Therapy, You Can Experience Mild Sensitivity

Although rare, some patients have reported sensitivity in their treated teeth after the root canal. The good news is that this sensitivity disappears within a few days. However, you should contact your specialist for pain relievers when the discomfort persists.

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