7 Achievable Sustainable Living Tips

Are you worried about overusing the earth’s natural resources? Are you wondering what you can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Sustainable living involves minimizing the use of chemicals and fuels that harm our environment. You’ll need to use the earth’s resources responsibly and avoid transmitting harmful things into the air and soil.

Living sustainably involves choosing materials made from renewable resources and respecting the land we farm.

Here are some things you can do.

1. Save Energy

Many of us can be careless when it comes to energy. This can lead to an increase in greenhouse gases and other emissions that pollute the air.

In order to make your home more energy-efficient, you can start by turning off lights and appliances when they aren’t in use. You can also switch to LED light bulbs, which produce light with up to 90% more efficiency.

Appliances like dryers and fridges consume most of the energy your home uses. If it’s possible, consider hanging your clothes outside instead of using a dryer. Or you could wash dishes by hand and drying with a dishcloth instead of using the dishwasher.

Smart power strips can also help you save on energy consumption. Most of the energy your electronics consume happens when they’re switched off. Smart power strips will turn them off when they’re not in use, saving you energy as well as money.

Some appliances are also labeled with an Energy Star label. These consume less energy when in use, as well as when you aren’t home.

2. Weatherproof Your Home

Your heating and air conditioning systems will be working overtime if you’re losing insulation through your windows and doors. Weather-stripping and caulking are affordable, easy ways to close up any leaks. You’ll also want to make sure that insulation is up-to-date, especially in your attic.

Older windows can also lead to a lot of heat escaping in the winter and cooler air running out to play in the summer. This can cost you a great deal of energy and money.

Most windows need to get replaced every fifteen to twenty years. If you think it may be time, a new set of windows could be well worth the investment.

3. Carry Your Own Shopping Bags

For only a few cents, many of today’s popular shopping centers will let you purchase a cute canvas tote you can reuse several times.

How does this help the environment? Plastic bags that get thrown out often make their way to the ocean. They can be fatal to the creatures that live there.

Re-usable bags are also a bit sturdier than plastic options. Paper is also a more environmentally-friendly choice.

4. Don’t Waste Food

If you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s important to avoid wasting food. One way to do this is to clear all of the clutter out of your fridge. Too much food can make it difficult to see what you’ve got and allow items in the back to spoil.

Save your leftovers and find new recipes to use them in. Blend fruit into smoothies to avoid wasting it. And turn any food scraps that are unusable into compost that you can use for your garden.

There are even more ideas for this that you can view at Shelf.

5. Grow Your Own Food When Possible

When you grow your own food, you can help out the environment by refusing to pollute the environment with chemicals. You’ll also be saving your neighborhood from the toxic fuel emissions needed to transport food to stores.

Even if you live in a tiny apartment, there are still things you can grow in your home. These include herbs and salad greens.

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard garden, you can save money and get a little extra exercise by growing some veggies at home. Tomatoes, peas, and lettuce are all fresher and easier to find when you’re growing them in your own garden.

6. Walk or Bike When Possible

Vehicles are a major source of pollution in the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide they emit is a big contributor to the deteriorating of the ozone layer.

If the weather is fair, you can always take your bike or take a walk to closer locations. If you’re traveling a bit further, consider carpooling or using a hybrid mint green bike. This saves money on gas and is friendlier to the environment.

7. Recycle What You Can

You may know about putting your plastic bottles in the recycling bin or bringing your cans to the supermarket for recycling. You can also recycle many paper and cardboard items. Newspapers, magazines, and catalogs can get tied with twine and placed in appropriate containers.

It’s also possible to recycle glass, metal, and rigid plastic. Plastic and glass recyclables can get placed in the same bin, but they shouldn’t get mixed with paper recyclables.

Recycling helps the environment because it reduces the need for raw materials, such as aluminum. This will cut back on the need for activities such as mining and quarrying that create air and water pollution.

Recycling also conserves natural resources that include water and minerals. It will also lower the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and incinerators.

The Key to Sustainable Living

Sustainable living can help the environment, save you money, and allow future generations to meet their needs. Doing your part involves recycling, avoiding waste, and growing your own food when you can. With the right effort, you could be on your way to making the environment a healthy, safe place for everyone.

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