7 Outdoor Privacy Ideas Worth Checking Out

You feel like every time you look, your nosy neighbors are peeping into your yard. You’re tired of having to watch everything you do.

You can obstruct their view in a variety of creative ways. You can go with the tried and true outdoor privacy fence or plant a few beautiful hedges.

If you want to keep their prying eyes out while still showing off your gorgeous landscaping, a pergola can do the trick.

These are only a few ways to create a little privacy in your backyard. Check out this guide for a list of methods that will up your curb appeal separating front yard from neighbors.

1. Outdoor Fencing

Putting up fencing is a classic way to create a bit of privacy outdoors. Wooden ones are a popular choice because of how much you can do with them. You can go with an ornate lattice design or pick something that’s a bit plainer. 

They come in a variety of different colors and finishes, so you’re sure to find something that will look great around your home. Even if you go with a design that allows for a bunch of gaps, it will still be hard for people to look in at you. 

Fences serve another practical purpose. Your pets and children won’t be able to escape to wander around the neighborhood.You can check this out for more fence design ideas.

2. Hedges 

If you don’t have a need for the whole fence set up, hedges are your next best bet. You can plant them around the edge of your backyard. They’ll grow tall and thick enough to block people from looking in.  

There are a few downsides to going this route. The main one is that it’s more expensive to create a long line of hedges than it is to hire someone to build a fence. 

You’ll also have to maintain your plants or your curb appeal will suffer. You can shop around to find a landscaping company that will take care of it for the best price. Even if you can get a good deal, it’s still something that you’ll have to add to your monthly expenses, though. 

3. Bamboo 

Planting bamboo is one of the fastest ways to turn your yard into an exotic tropical retreat. It grows tall enough to obscure your yard, and you can use it in a variety of different ways. 

You can plant it by itself to create a living moss wall of privacy. You can also place it around your pergola to fill in gaps. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind before you put bamboo in your yard. 

It tends to go a little out of control. If you don’t plant it in a container or a bed with a sturdy barrier, it won’t be long before it will take over your entire space. 

Like with the hedges, bamboo is a living thing. You’ll need to keep it maintained. The good news is that this process is pretty straightforward. You probably won’t have to hire anyone to take care of it. 

4. Create a Privacy Corner 

The biggest problem with completely blocking in your yard is the lack of a breeze. If you want to keep your yard refreshing and cool, you can create a small privacy corner instead of hiding your entire space. 

To do this, angle your furniture so it’s facing away from your neighbors. You can fill in the gaps around it with a few hedges, or you can go the bamboo route. 

That’s all there is to it. Refreshing breezes will still be able to flow into your yard, and you’ll have your privacy at the same time. It’s a win-win. 

5. Pergola 

You worked hard on your landscaping. You want to be able to show it off without getting spied on by your neighbors. 

A pergola is a perfect answer for this. It doesn’t have walls, but it does stand high on columns. It offers enough obstruction to where people probably won’t bother trying to look in. A beautiful cinder block and wood fence with a wooden gate ideal for privacy and kids and pets safety.

6. Hang Your Garden 

Like the fence, panting a hanging garden serves multiple purposes. The first is that people won’t be able to look past it to see into your backyard. 

The second is that it will allow you to make use of your vertical space. You can use the spot that would have been taken up by your garden to build a deck or set up a grill. 

7. Mobile Privacy Screen 

This is another option available to you if you don’t want to block off your entire yard. Mobile privacy screens are, well, mobile. You can carry them wherever you want to relax.

If you wish to stop your neighbors from watching over your cookout, you can move the screen over to your grill. If you want to be able to lounge by your pool in complete privacy, you can put the screen in front of your lawn chair.  

Outdoor Privacy Ideas That Will Keep Prying Eyes Away 

Are you sick and tired of your nosy neighbors spying on you? Keep their prying eyes out with the outdoor privacy ideas on this list. You can go the classic route with a wooden fence. 

If you want to add a splash of life to your yard, bamboo or hedges will do the trick. Those who don’t want to block off their entire yard can use a mobile privacy screen or a pergola. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. 

If you’re looking for more practical ways to dress up your yard, visit our blog for additional tips and tricks. 

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