7 Things Before Moving to Your New Home

Several factors need to be considered before moving into a new home. While your mind always lands on packing and unpacking, these are not the only things you should keep an eye out for. First, go around the place you’re about to move into, familiarize yourself with the surroundings, and learn its various functions regarding different tasks. Then, list things you want to tackle once or before you move in. 

It would help if you considered the following before moving into your new home:

Deep Cleaning Your New Home

Before you move in, it’s best to do a deep cleaning of your new home. Why? Well, the house may not be in use before, so there may be an accumulation of dust. Viruses and bacteria often hide with it, waiting to be inhaled and a general nuisance. Pests get out of their hiding places when you start cleaning. 

Furthermore, it reduces or removes the allergens like pollen or scattered animal hair. Thus, the overall indoor air quality of your home improves. So this is highly beneficial for your health. Plus, it helps give your home a clean look, less clutter, and more towards the dazzling side.

However, if you believe that cleaning is not your cup of tea, my friend, there’s nothing to worry about because we’ve got you covered. When you don’t want to give your house a deep clean, you can always hire professional cleaners to do the job. In this age of technology, finding them is a piece of cake. Utilize Google to get the job done. Suppose you live in Ontario, a quick search for the best Commercial Cleaning Services London Ontario. Trust us; you’ll be spoiled for choices. 


The best time to check your home is when it’s empty. There are several reasons for this.

Some of the common ones are:

  • Make sure everything is in prime condition as promised by the previous owner and that there are no loose ends to tie.
  • Everything that was included with the sale of the house itself is there.
  • There are no leftover repairs to complete, and all switches, electrical supply, gas, door, and windows are working properly.
  • Your seller gave all warranties and maintainers’ guides.
  • Like we said before, a deep cleaning session won’t hurt anyone to check if everything is clean and tidy.
  • There is no extra clutter from the previous owner (any extra furniture or such)
  • Your lawn or backyard (if you have one) is in satisfactory condition.

You should immediately contact your realtor once you discover a problem that was supposed to be covered by the seller, but they didn’t fulfill their end of the bargain. The issues you find that weren’t included in the contract are your problem.

Child/pet proof

This depends on your situation. Whether you have little kids or any pets with you. When you do well, it’s necessary. After all, you don’t want kids or pets to sniff around places they shouldn’t be. Therefore, it’s best to do it before moving in because the furniture or the general hassle of moving in may prove challenging to complete. And a child or pet’s safety comes first. Here are some tips on childproofing (some may be used as part of pet-proofing as well):

  • Make a kid- or pet-free zone for discarded packing materials.
  • Unsecured areas should be sealed.
  • Plugs should be covered.
  • Make sure all windows are securely closed.
  • Hanging cords on the blinds should not be loose or long.
  • Rather than stacking boxes high, spread them out.
  • Keep breakables, sharp objects, and alcohol in high cabinets.
  • Install knob protectors on your stove to prevent tampering.
  • Using fridge and oven door lock.
  • Bathroom doorknobs and cabinet locks should be installed.
  • Removing electrical appliances within reach and putting them in high places.

Decide Placement of Furniture Beforehand

When moving in, deciding where to put the furniture is always an efficient and effective strategy. Performing a complete walkthrough of your home will also be beneficial. Ultimately, you decide where everything goes. So you won’t have boxes cluttering your home when you move in. Take care while shifting the furniture. Search moving companies Denver CO and hire one as per your budget and location. 

Make a plan on where your heavy furniture will go, where your blinds or curtains will be, and where your heavy furniture will go. Doing so will save a great deal of time and energy. Of course, changing the furniture later is possible, but at least the room won’t look cluttered if the furniture isn’t stacked together.

Update Your Address

If you didn’t change your address during moving prep, make sure you do it now. You should ensure your mail is forwarded and your credit card billing information is up-to-date – not only with your credit card issuer but also with any retailers or services that store your information.

Let everyone know where you are moving, contact banks and insurance companies, and make a trip to the driver’s license office to update your address there, too.

Count Your Utilities

Make sure your utilities are arranged before moving in. Check your electricity supply, gas line, internet connection, phone service, and heating and cooling systems on moving day or even before. Make sure all the mentioned are functional and working smoothly. It is best to solve any problem you encounter before moving in. Also, check in with your local waste management facility to confirm that your house is included in the garbage pickup. If it’s one thing that can kill you, it’s the putrid smell of trash.

The Fuse Box and Water Valve

It’s best not to play hide and seek with these two things. Trust us, doing a search or a valve hunt is not the thrilling adventure it sounds like. Instead, identify their locations now so you will know exactly where to go in the event of a power outage or water supply interruption. The location of the fuse box is in three likely places: the basement, garage, or storage room. You can usually find the water valve around your house’s perimeter. So, before moving in, do check where they are located to avoid any hassles later on. 

Final Words

Now that we’ve discussed the essential points, let’s put them into practice! When you plan, the whole moving process will be much faster. So what are you waiting for? Start packing your stuff now, and let the moving process begin!

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