7 Ways to Choose best Nursery School in Nagpur

Choosing a nursery school can look like an overwhelming task. First, you need to narrow down the options by considering the location, expense and duration. Since everyone has different priorities, these considerations should be based on your needs. Once you have short-listed a few schools, you should make a tour of the school. This should be done especially without the kids, so that you can focus on making observations and clearing your doubts. 7 tips to choose the best nursery school :

1. Staff
Staffs are the most important aspect of a nursery school. You should notice how the teachers interact with the students, whether they pay real interest and attention to the child or not. Staff members other than the teachers should also be friendly and at their best behavior. There should be plenty of interaction between the teachers and students as well as among different students and their peers. It is also important that the teachers and other staffs have adequate CPR training for emergency situations.

2. Safety
Visit the Website or ask the director of the nursery school about their emergency plans along with the teachers-student ratio. Take a look around the playground to make sure it is all safe and secure.

3. Environment
The classrooms should have child-sized furniture since they need to be completely comfortable, while studying and learning. There should be adequate space for the kids to move around, so that they do not full suffocated. The rooms should feel like a space that belongs to the children. This can be evident by student’s art, writings and pictures hung or stuck on the walls. A nursery school classroom should be print rich which can be evident by looking for kid-made books and other items.

4. Communication
It is very important for the school to have a direct communication with parents. You should ask whether they have a handbook that can inform you of all the activities beforehand. Monthly newsletters, email and daily notes are an important method of maintaining individuals communication with the parents. You should find out whether, they maintain regular communication with the parent or not.

5. Behavior management
The best nursery schools in Nagpur have clear behavioral guidelines for the classrooms as well as the entire campus. Find out whether the school had age-appropriate guidelines along with clear rules and consequences of not following them. Make sure that the staff members teach the children to solve their own problems themselves by guiding them at each stage.

6. Class schedule
There should be enough play time along with the study schedules. Children have a lot through playing, thus making it very important. The play time is that part of the day when the kids can explore themselves and indulge in various activities such as building blocks or telling interesting stories. There should be enough time for the children to play in small groups or have a one-on-one interaction with their teachers. They should be given the opportunity to play, run, climb and ride bikes every day.

7. Curriculum
The children should be learning while playing by dancing, reading, moving with manipulative instead of sitting down and filling worksheets every day. Read more about the curriculum followed in schools to make sure they focus on all-rounded development by focusing equally on music, arts and crafts, writing and reading activities as well as little science experiments.

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