All About Latest 2021 Indian Wedding Trends

In the midst of a pandemic, thinking of a wedding feels weird, but why wait another year to kick start your new phase. After all this time, you wanted to settle down with your love and begin your beautiful part of your life, so you need to keep all your hesitation behind and get set go. If you have already planned your wedding and are already looking for best blouse designs for lehenga best sarees and ethnic jewelleries, you need to check upon all that’s latest trending in 2021 in regards to Indian Wedding Trends.

In this article we have discussed what all you need to know while preparing and planning for your wedding. These points will help you in gearing up your wedding plans as per latest trends.

#1. Small is the new big!

With regards to planning, the popular expressions of wedding being cozy, little, and private is gifted by COVID19 that has guaranteed that the huge Indian wedding goes on a gigantic vacation. Celebrations with 1000 individuals are not so much as a possible reality any longer. So when you plunk down to make your Pinterest board and begin arranging, think little and unique.

#2. Time to go natural 

One of the greatest style patterns for 2021 is “everything natural”. Most importantly, the pandemic has guaranteed that open spaces become the favoured setting choices for weddings, and a stylistic theme that works in a state of harmony with nature will be the way forward for the coming year. Heaps of greens and foliage, blossoms, and pixie lights are the path forward.

#3. It’s all about putting the environment first

One thing that we got in 2020 as a trend is still in trend in 2021too. From following minimalism to cutting down on cost for unnecessary things, one has switched to buying things that are only important and are eco friendly and don’t cause any harm to the environment.  Going digital with invites to no single-use plastics, donation of extra food, using local décor elements and responsible waste disposal are all becoming big with millennial couples. 

#4. Get Mix n Match

Recycling wedding clothes of your parents can be a great option. You just need to redesign and set the fittings right as per your body. If you are organizing your wedding at home, recycling word can be boon to you. You get ample of time to be creative and set your own theme with resources that you have at your disposal. If you have the budget you can get the caterer deliver the food at your doorstep while maintaining the safe distance or you can hire halwai and allow him to cook sumptuous meals for you all.

#5. High Tech has arrived! 

Technology and the phenomenal role it can play in enhancing a wedding and bringing down costs was probably the biggest wedding revelation of 2020 and so this magic is still on in 2021 with recent new lockdown rules. From e-invites to wedding websites and live streams, it’s going to be all about using technology to ensure all guests who can’t attend can still be a part of the celebration.

#6. Let it glow 

Concept lighting is already huge by 2021. A key décor trend, this comes into focus as indoor weddings become the new norm.You get to experiment with lights from all the budget you saved from the big fat wedding concept. Lighting can and will play a much bigger role as celebrations shift to the creative side. From spotlights to dangling bulbs and canopies made of light strings, it’s all about letting things shine. 

#7. Perfect HoneyMoon

All that money saved from the huge wedding budget can be utilized for going to the best and brightest honeymoon destinations of course with all necessary precautions. Most of the time people put all their money in wedding ceremonies and arrangements and choose a honeymoon destination with whatever budget they are left with. Pandemic created a situation where you not only shifted to an environmentally friendly wedding but also, enjoyed your private cosy time at your best.

#8. Destination Wedding

Destination weddings were trending even before pandemic hit the world but now destination weddings have become simpler and affordable one. Just you and your close knit family over private vehicles reaching to destination to participate and making destination wedding happen. From fancy locales across the globe, destination weddings will now be all about finding fancy and (safe) resorts and venues close to the couple’s city. With smaller wedding parties, it will become possible for a lot of people to afford destination weddings and enjoy intimacy! 

The pandemic has changed the whole scenario around weddings and hence changed the wedding trends drastically. It has gotten the way of life of recreation and unwinding, permitting individuals to be more inventive. Couples have moved towards a more maintainable preference and have been trying their hand at newer, DIY projects for the first time.

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