A guide for fashion-lover parents – how to dress your children trendy

There’s nothing cutter than matching your outfit to the one your child’s wearing. You want your child to be as trendy as you are, but should you dress them up? 

Here is the ultimate guide for fashion-lover parents on how to dress children fashionably and impress everyone. 

A well-dressed, stylish child doesn’t mean dressing them only in designer labels. It means that you help your child find their style and put together outfits that represent their personality. It implies putting together a trendy and serviceable wardrobe that looks good, feels comfortable, and brings out the child’s best qualities. Like you, your kid wants to feel good about themselves and their look. They use their clothes and accessories to convince their peers to accept them. You can help them feel part of a group and be admired for the way they dress and their sense of fashion. 

As a fashion-lover, you can put some effort into creating ensembles for your kids that make them feel happy to dress up and express their individuality. Here are some tips you should follow

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Avoid identical clothing

Parents with more than one child usually dress them identically because they try to avoid complaints. But it’s best to be clear from the start; you don’t want them to look identical or worse as miniatures of yourself. You may wear a fashionable outfit, but it doesn’t mean you should parade on the street dressed identically with your two children. 

Wear Patches

With the use of customized velcro patches you can make kids look super cute. It can be worn in themed parties, events like halloween, and other celebrations. To make sure your child looks one of the kind and not someone who follows fashion blindly. You can choose the best patches available at 4incustompatch because it offers more than 5 types of customized velcro patches. Other than that, we will suggest you to decide the best patch based on your kids’ age. Going too far where it is not enjoyed (getting something which is not age-appropriate) will definitely not make you or the child happy.

But you can pick similar themes like jeans and a colourful top, or flower-patterned dresses. Allow them to choose the accessories they want to wear because they have their preferences. Your kid may love their Dinosaur backpack and want to wear it with every outfit. Please don’t say no, but find a way to incorporate the bag into their outfit. They will thank you in the future for encouraging them to develop individually and learn to have fun with clothes.          

Comfort always wins over style

Trendy clothes should be for special occasions, but if your child sees you wearing fashionable items daily, they may also want to do it, regardless of the occasion. When you purchase clothes for their wardrobe, buy all kinds of clothes and ensure there is plenty of room in their ensembles to feel comfortable and move freely. 

Try to convince your kid to wear comfortable clothes because they’ll feel better and probably behave better. Make shopping for clothes a fun adventure where you ask them to say where they’d wear a particular item. Ask them to try the clothes and move around to determine if the fabric feels pleasant against the skin and the garment fits them properly.


Children love accessories, and you should incorporate them into their daily outfits. Hats, scarves, colourful laces for shoes, sunglasses, headbands, and belts are all children’s favourites. You can use accessories to give an extra touch of style to your kid’s outfits. However, please pay attention to the number of accessories they wear because they look good in moderation. Too many won’t look fashionably. 

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