Astrology and their 12 houses

The astrological sky is divided into twelve equal parts representing the 12 houses in astrology. Every house represents the different parts of life or challenges that may face on the way. The zodiac is constantly in motion in the sky. All the signs that rise in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of any individual is the ascendant, rising sign, and Lagna.

It represents the first house in the natal chart. Each house has a span of 30 degrees. The subsequent houses are numbered two or twelve.

House system

All these astrological houses describe some specific field of experiences in the native’s actual life. The distribution of the chart into the 12 houses is known as the “house system”, it varies from best astrologer in allahabad. There are several methods: Placidus- the most ancient one, way back from the 17th century- equal houses, companies, Koch, Regiomontanus, alcabitius, morinus, topocentric, etc.

Purpose of the house system: the concept of the house system in astrology is first set out by the Babylonians and is now used and recognized by today’s astrologer in varanasi. Every house has its elements, ruling planet and characteristics that influenced the native’s life.

  1. The first house: ascendant or the rising sign- the very first house of the house system rules the physical makeup of a person. This house represents how others view you. It will give detailed information about the general temperament, and physical traits and appearances.
  2. The second house: material values and security- in astrology, the second house rules the material possessions, general prosperity, and finances. It also rules the financial security in life. The houses give a detailed relation to the acquisition of wealth and how you go about spending it. Home and security come under the ruler-ship.
  3. The third house: communication and learning- the third house in astrological studies rules how someone thinks and how one behaves in early childhood. Being the ruler by the planet mercury the house also deals with every sort of communication, writing, speech, and correspondence. Generally, it rules the learning and education process in one’s life.
  4. The fourth houses: the base of operation and home life- the fourth house in the system of astrology rules the home and how it connects with it in any physical sense. It is also related to the landed properties and also related to the deals in life. The affairs which take place in the house are also ruled by the house. A maternal and mother relation also comes under this ruler-ship.
  5. The fifth house: romance, creativity, and recreation: here you try to differentiate yourself from everyone. It rules love affairs, children and their future and the artistic pursuits in life.
  6. The sixth house: the health, environment, duties- the sixth house in astrology has a direct relation with the environment one works in, like the duties, the relationship with the peers in the working place.
  7. The seventh house: partner, marriages, relationships- the seventh house in astrology rules relationships in the personal life like marriage or the professional life as in partnerships.
  8. The eight houses: the eighth house rules all joint financial resources of yours like that you get from inheritance, insurance, and the stock market.
  9. The ninth house: philosophy of life, travel, and higher learning: rules the long term goals in life, matters related to religion and philosophy.
  10. The tenth houses: the prestige, reputation, and the career- it rules the career or the life business. It is also to do with the prestige and reputation in the circle.
  11. The eleventh houses: ideals, association, causes, and friendships- with the achievement of the objective and the goals. Often it is called the house of wishes and hopes.
  12. The twelfth house: the psychological issues, subconscious, and secrets- it deals with the emotional problems and the deceptions which might face.
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