Basic wig size to know

With so many variations available, the 13×6″ and 13×4″ lace front wigs are the most popular. At first glance, this may appear to be just a bunch of numbers, but in reality, the biggest distinction between a 13×4″ and a 13×6″ lace front wig is the size of the lace itself. A 13×4″ lace front wig has a portion that is 4 inches deep and lace that reaches 13 inches around the front of the wig to cover the hairline completely.

Tracks were sewn to a cap, frequently making up the remaining portion of the wig. Alternatively, a 13×6 “Although the lace front also stretches 13 inches at the front, it only has a 6-inch-deep section. Consequently, a 13×6 “Will be an additional 2 inches of lace parting area on lace front wigs.

To determine the right deep wave wig size for you, measure the circumference of your head starting from the front hairline, moving behind one ear, to the nape of your neck, to the other ear, and then returning to the front hairline. After writing down your measurement, go to the table below. Please be aware that brand variations in size may occur.

Numerous wigs are available in small, medium, and big cap sizes. However, average-sized wigs often fit between 90% and 95% of consumers. You can choose the right hat size for you by referring to the wig size table below.

Suitable Wig Fit

It’s simple to determine your wig size if you need the 13×6″ and 13×4″ lace front wigs. Only a delicate measuring tape is required. Measure the size of your head with the measuring tape. You can decide your wig size when you have a measurement. Wigs come in three different sizes: tiny, average, and enormous. You need a tiny size if your head fits between 20 and 21.5 inches. A big wig would suit a head measuring 22.5 to 23 inches in circumference.

How to Take Wig Measurements

It’s not difficult to measure your wig; follow these three simple steps! We’ve supplied an image for your reference to keep you on track. To get a more accurate measurement while measuring on the top of your natural hair, we suggest making it as flat as possible.

You may always check the “Details” option, which is included on every wig manufacturer’s website on our website if you adore that same style but need to know if it comes in your size. This link will give you thorough product details so you can verify the wig sizes currently offered for your favorite wig. To ensure your 4×4 lace closure wig fits you in all the appropriate areas, it also provides you with information on the available colors and the approximate measurements of the nape, crown, and fringe.

Choosing the proper wig size is crucial since it will affect how relaxed you feel. We hope you now feel more confident about how to do this. We desire to see you feeling and looking fantastic, so if you’re scared that your wig will be too huge and slip or too tight to give you a headache, you’re much less inclined to wear it.

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