Best Hotels in Palembang

Whenever you take a trip, a short vacation to allow you to steam off or to handle work-related stuff, the hotel you would choose to stay in plays a key factor in how successful your trip would be. From its location, its design, to its services, choosing a bad hotel would be the last mistake you’d like to make.

Speaking of trips and vacations, have you ever been to Palembang? Well those who have visited this place, surely have stories to tell. Palembang is the capital of Indonesia’s South Sumatra province, and a port city on the Musi River. Famously known for the Ampera Bridge and the Ancient Bukit Siguntang, the amazing city is also known for its local cuisine and the beautifully structured Palembang hotels.

Things to do in Palembang

  • hang out by the Ampra Bridge
  • cruise along Musi River for a perfect sunset view
  • visit Kemaro Island for tales about local legends
  • visit Sriwijaya Kingdom
  • climbing Bukit Siguntang Hill
  • nature walks at Punti Kaya Forest Park

While in Palembang, you’d need a place to stay. Below is a list of the best 15 hotels in Palembang that deliver luxury and make your stay worthwhile.

1. Hotel Aryaduta

2. The Excellton Hotel

3. Wyndham Opi Hotel Palembang

4. Hotel Santika Premiere Bandam

5. Amaris Hotel

6. Novotel Palembang

7. Aston Hotel Palembang

8. Batiqa Hotel

9. Emilia Hotel

10. Harper Hotel Palembang

11. Airish Hotel

12. MaxOneHotels at Vivo

13. Fave Hotel Palembang

14. Five-star Arista Hotel

15. The Zuri Hotel Palambeng

Final thoughts

Vacations are best experienced if the hotel you booked during your stay delivers top-quality service. However, you wouldn’t also want to overspend all the cash on you for a hotel. In Palembang, the case is different. Hotels in this city are well structured with the best hotel services from food to room service at affordable prices, to ensure you get the best experience in Indonesia.

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