Why Bhutan is a Paradise for Nature Lovers?

The kingdom of Bhutan is famously known as “Land of the Thunder Dragon” as well as a “Paradise for nature lovers”. Not many people know about the natural side of Bhutan, and it’s still somewhat unexplored.

Bhutan is the only country in the world that has a constitutional environmental commitment to protect 60% of the country’s forest cover. This makes Bhutan a clean and green country with folks who really care about nature and its inhabitants.

Landlocked in the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the mountainous countries that are bestowed with umpteen gifts of nature.  Nature admirers should not think twice before buying Bhutan tour packages and plan a trip to this beautiful land.

Want to know why it Bhutan is called a paradise for nature lovers? If yes, then keep scrolling to know about the natural attractions of Bhutan.

  1. Phobjikha Valley:

Phobjikha is a vast glacial valley located at an elevation of 3,000 meters on the black mountains that separate western and central Bhutan. It is famous for black-necked cranes that come here in the winter season. This valley is home to 13 nearly extinct species along with the black-necked cranes. In addition to rich fauna, you can also witness natural panoramas and scenic beauty in this valley.

You can go for a hike to the Gangte nature trail or visit the famous Gangtey Monastery situated here. Apart from this, you can also enjoy archery and dart throwing competition with locals in the valley.

  1. Paro River:

Paro Chhu River is the lifeline of the Paro city. It is a perfect spot for spending some tranquil moments for tourists and nature lovers. The gentle breeze and melodious chirping of birds make the surroundings of this river pleasant. Paro River enhances the beauty of Paro Taktsang and Paro Dzong by passing through it.

Enjoy the spectacular views of sunset sitting by the river shores or admire the river views from the stepped bridge built over it. Paro River is also an idle spot for kayaking and river rafting along with other water sports.

  1. Jigme Dorji National Park:

An hour drive away from Thimpu, Jigme Dorji National park provides all that a nature lover could ever wish for! This huge unexplored forest is home to a variety of flora and fauna species. You need a keen eye and a little bit of patience to spot the animals here. After all, animals also don’t like to be disturbed; right!

It is home to some rare animal species like clouded leopard, snow leopard, Bengal tiger, Himalayan blue sheep, and red panda. It also shelters 300 around medicinal plants, 39 butterflies’ species, and 5 reptiles. Slow down; you can’t explore the entire area of 4,316 sq. km in a day!

  1. Amo Chhu Crocodile Breeding Centre:

If you have never seen crocodiles from close then, Amo Chuu Crocodile Breeding Centre is a must visit place for you. People who adore nature and inhabitants equally would love this place more than anyone else. It is situated near the bus terminal of Phuentsholing in Bhutan.

This breeding center is helping in preserving the endangered species of crocs including Gharials and Muggers. You can see the crocodiles getting nurtured and fed in the breeding center. Don’t forget to click a selfie featuring a large aquatic reptile like the crocodile.

  1. The Burning Lake:

Burning Lake is a small yet appealing lake near Bumthang. This sacred lake acquired its name from a historic legend about Pema Lingpa and a lamp. Lots of devotees come here to view the holy site and listen to the old age tales.

People believe that one can obtain spiritual energy and positive vibes by visiting this lake. It is said that enlightened persons can even see a temple at the bottom of the lake. Decorated with colorful prayer flags, this place is suitable for a peaceful outing.

  1. Dagala Thousand Lakes Trekking trail:

For witnessing the true natural beauty of Bhutan, you can also try some fabulous treks here. One of these amazing treks is Dagala thousand lakes trek. As the name suggests, this six-day trek gives you an opportunity of viewing some of the best alpine lakes of the region. You can also try trout fishing in these lakes.

The mesmerizing view of Himayalan peaks from the top is a perfect sight to behold! For fishing, you need a special license that can be obtained at a minimal cost. You will pass through several villages and camps of Yak herders during the trip which will enhance your knowledge about the place.

  1. Chelela Pass:

Nothing could be better than standing on the highest point of entire Bhutan and enjoy the vistas. Anyone would fall in love with nature after beholding that spectacular scenario. Well, you can live this dream at Chelela Pass which is the highest point of Bhutan.

With an elevation of 13,000 ft., this place is best to see the Haa Valley at one side and the Paro Valley at the other. The route to reach this valley is as picturesque as this point with lush green mountains and yaks grazing on them. Enjoy the aerial views of innumerable waving colorful flags, frozen lakes, alpine vegetation and lot more from the Chelela Pass.

  1. Haa Valley:

Haa Valley is excellent for nature walks and sightseeing tours. You can find this destination in many Bhutan tour packages which speak of its popularity. Visit the environmentally protected Haa Valley with your loved ones to have a lovely experience!

Go to Taktsang Monastery or black and white Gompa temples while exploring this valley. Breathe in the pure air of the valley and capture the best images here!

So, never miss a trip to Bhutan if you love and admire nature truly. There is a lot more than anyone can ever mention surprising the visitors in Bhutan. Don’t believe? Try it out on your own and do tell us about your experience!

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