Bridgette Wilson Bio: Age, Height, Hot & Sexy Pic, Net Worth, Family Life, Pete Sampras’ wife

Bridgette Wilson is a famous actress, model, and singer. In the world of tennis, people know her as the lovely wife of Pete Sampras. Bridgette was born on 25 September 1973 in Gold Beach, Oregon, USA. Her age is 49 years.

Bridgette Wilson Physical Stats 

Beautiful Bridgette Wilson is five feet and nine inches tall (1.75m). Her weight nearly remains at the 54-kg mark. Bridgette Wilson has stunning beauty. Her body measurements are 34-25-34. 

She has mesmerizing brown eyes. Bridgette Wilson is a blond woman. 

Bridgette Wilson Family and Marriage! 

Dale and Kathy Wilson are Bridgette’s parents. Her sister’s name is Tracy Wilson. In 2000, Bridgette married a famous tennis player Pete Sampras. 

They fell in love when both were doing great in their respective fields. Nearly two years later after marrying, the couple welcomed their first child. It was a baby boy. His name is Christian Charles Sampras. On 29 July 2005, the magnificent pair welcomed their second baby. 

He was a boy too. His name is Ryan Nikolaos Sampras. Bridgette and Pete Sampras raised their children in Lake Sherwood, California. The family supports the Republican Party (United States) politically.

 In 2008, the tennis legend supported John McCain, who lost the race against Barack Obama. 

Bridgette Wilson Social Media

It is a big surprise that Bridgette Wilson is not a big fan of social media. Most famous personalities from Hollywood love the market of social media as it helps them to generate money and at the same time, they can maintain their fame more efficiently.

Bridgette Wilson looks to be a much-closed lady. She doesn’t like to share her private life in public. This is the biggest reason behind not being an active social media personality.

It won’t take Bridgette Wilson more than a month to have more than 10 million followers on any major social media platform. 

However, her husband Pete Sampras is available on Facebook and Twitter. But even he doesn’t like to share family stuff on social media.    

Bridgette Wilson Early Life

In her high school days, Bridgette Wilson used to be a very sound Volleyball player. She was an active and essential member of her school’s volleyball team. 

At an early age of 17, she was crowned as the MISS Teen USA in 1990. The 1990 Miss Teen USA event happened in Biloxi, Mississippi. 

She completed her graduation from Gold Beach High School, Gold Beach, Oregon, the United States in 1991. 

Bridgette Wilson: Professional Career 

As a model, Bridgette Wilson was the pick of many in the 1990s. Her looks were just second to none. Not just in the modelling industry, Bridgette Wilson gained fame from her work in many Hollywood movies. Even her television work was liked by many of her avid followers.

From 1993 to 2008, she worked in the following movies; Last Action Hero, Higher Learning, Billy Madison, Mortal Kombat, Nixon, Final Vendetta, Unhook the Stars, Nevada, The Stepsister, The Real Blonde, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Marina, Host, Starstruck, The Suburbans, Love Stinks, House on Haunted Hill, Beautiful, The Wedding Planner, Just Visiting, Buying the Cow, Extreme Ops, Shopgirl, and Phantom Punch. 

Bridgette Wilson has done some notable work for the American television industry too. 

You can see her performances in the following series; Santa Barbara, Saved by the Bell, Murder She Wrote, The $treet, Frasier, CSI: Miami, Beyond the Glory, Jake in Progress, Carpoolers, and Signature Series. 

She did two musical albums; I Only Wanna Be with You (1994) and Gimme a Kiss (1996). Bridgette showed her magic in Tommy Shane Steiner’s single; What We’re Gonna Do About It, as a guest singer.  

Hot and Sexy, image

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Net Wealth 

Bridgette Wilson has gained a lot of wealth to enjoy a great life without major problems. Her net worth is around about $8 million at the moment. 

Well, Bridgette Wilson doesn’t need to worry about earning money at all as her husband Pete Sampras has earned a lot. His worth is just out of this world. They can live their life without any tension. The Sampras family is just beautiful and becoming even better.  

Bridgette Wilson’s Husband Pete Sampras’ Professional Career 

Pete Sampras is one of the all-time greats of tennis. Sampras won 14 grand slam titles in his illustrious career. He won all four majors at least once. Not winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games can be his only career setback. At his time, he was the golden goose for the gambling industry as many used to put their money on Sampras’ victory. Only Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic have more singles grand slams than Pete Sampras in the men’s division. He was the first tennis star to win 14 grand slam titles.

He was the one who gave Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic an aim to follow and beat. Thus, all three modern-day greats love and respect him a lot. Indeed, it was a dream to watch Pete Sampras doing his magic as a tennis star. The current and coming generations can see his magic only on YouTube and other technological platforms only. Indeed, it was worth watching his classical journey as a tennis superstar. 

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