Stephanie Washington Bio, Family, Bret Hart’s Wife & More

Stephanie Washington, who was born in 1983, is the third and current wife of Bret Sergeant Hart. She is a full-time homemaker. She was born in San Francisco, California, USA. Her nickname is Stephanie. Stephanie Washington is a proud follower of Christianity. Her age is 39 years.

Stephanie Washington Physical Stats 

Full NameStephanie Washington
Born1983 and from San Francisco California
Age35 years old
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Eyes colorDazzling black
Hair colorBlack
Neth Worth$14 million
Husband NameBret Hart
Social Meida@StephanieWashington

Stephanie Washington Education

Stephanie Washington has done the graduation. However, her university information is not available at the moment. She completed her schooling from a high school in San Francisco, California, USA. 

Hobbies and Favourite Things  

Stephanie Washington’s hobbies are traveling, shopping, and reading. Washington’s favourite actor is Ryan Gosling. Jennifer Aniston, one of the hottest Hollywood actresses, is her favourite heroine. Stephanie’s is a huge fan of Hollywood movies. Black is her beloved colour. You will see a great collection of Stephanie’s admiration for black colour. She likes to eat Mexican food more than any other.  

Stephanie Washington Wealth 

Stephanie Washington’s wealth is not clear. She is a homemaker. That makes it very hard to know her real asset. Her husband Bret Sergeant Hart is a rich person, so she doesn’t need to worry about earning money for a better leaving in this brick-and-mortar world. Hart’s worth, as of 2018, is $ 14 million.  

Social Media 

Stephanie Washington is a very private person. She doesn’t like to make her personal life private on social media. Being Bret Sergeant Hart’s better half, it’s not very hard for her to gain a huge following on the social media channels. She just likes to enjoy a life without show offing it on Facebook and other big social media platforms. Even her Facebook account is private. Only her close friends can see her magnificent life on FB. One has to become her close friend to know more about the Hart family. 


Stephanie Washington is a very cool and calm person. She believes in the fact that simple leaving is high thinking. Other than some famous WWE events for the legends, Stephanie fans can’t see her very much often in front of cameras. Stephanie Washington’s nature is very polite. She is a huge fan of pats and does a lot of work in animal protection in an unsung style. In dark moments, according to her friends, she will always be the first one to offer a helping hand. This is something not too natural for many in this selfish world – where people only think about their own wealth and happiness. Stephanie Washington has a heart of gold. She also does a lot of charity to share her classical wealth with those who are not rich enough to leave life with full of money-related happiness.    

Marriage Life 

Stephanie Washington and Bret Sergeant Hart met at a mutual friend’s party. In 2010, they announced their engagement and marriage. The engagement and marriage of the pair happened in a private ceremony. The age difference between Stephanie and Bret is 26 years. From a huge part of the WWE community, Stephanie Washington received a lot of hate as many think that she married Bret Sergeant Hart because of not taking tension to earn money.

Bret Sergeant Hart’s Failed Marriages 

Bret Sergeant Hart has been married three times in his long and remarkable journey. On 8 June 1982, the Canadian wrestling legend married for the first time. Julie Smadu was his first wife. They had four children together. Jade Michelle Hart, Dallas Jeffery Hart, Alexandra Sabina Hart, and Blade Colton Hart are Bret and Smadu’s beloved children. In May 1998, they had a separation. The unfortunate divorce happened after 20 long years in 2002. Two years late, Bret Sergeant Hart married for the second time. Bret married with an Italian lady Cinzia on 15 September 2004.

However, his second marriage didn’t persist very long. In 2007, the couple decided to have a separation for having a better life from a future perspective. Bret Sergeant Hart has four grandchildren. Kyra Beans is his first beloved granddaughter. She was born in 2010. 10 years later, Bret had another granddaughter. Her name is Vylet Louise Hart. She was born in 2019. The WWE legend is blessed with two grandsons – Grayson Knight Cassidy and Bo. Grayson Knight Cassidy was born in June 2015. Bo was born in April 2016. Hart is a happy grandfather of four children as of now. 


Bret Sergeant Hart feels blessed to have seven brothers and four sisters. All of them played a great role in WWE’s devolvement. His four sisters had their marriage with professional wrestlers. Hart’s niece Natalya is also a very famous modern-day wrestler. She has played a great role in the development of the WWE women’s division. Many female wrestlers see Natalya as a great example to follow. The whole Hart family feels proud to see Natalya carrying their golden legacy.

Bret Sergeant Hart: True WWE legend

Bret Sergeant Hart is one of the best and most-loved WWE wrestlers. He is the WWE Hall of Fame member. John Cena is a huge fan of Bret Sergeant Hart. He was a prominent part of the World Wrestling Federation. It would have been hard for Vince McMahon to create a single-dominated empire.

His reveries with Ric Flair and others had created some great memories to remember for every WWE fan. Shawn Michaels, in 1997, ended his career at the highest level in style at Survivor Series. Bret Sergeant Hart had many failed marriages. However, his professional wrestling career is just second to none. He is happy with Stephanie Washington and is leaving a very happy life. Indeed, every WWE fan wants to see a happy Bret Sergeant Hart – the golden man of the Hart wrestling family. 

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