Career guide: how to become a lieutenant?

Many professions allow you to serve others in different capacities. You can work as a doctor and help people recover from potentially fatal illnesses. Engineers and architects can work together to build better community infrastructure and make our lives easier. Artists of all kinds work to make society a more prosperous, more vibrant place. However, one profession helps everyone carry out their jobs safely and ensures that everyone can sleep safely at night.

The army is one of the most valued professions in any country, and for a good reason. Joining the military requires immense sacrifice and dedication to the job. It can mean spending a long time away from family and friends and facing potentially life-threatening situations. However, it can also be an incredibly gratifying profession. If you want to have a distinguished career in the army, you need to start somewhere. A job as a lieutenant gives you the solid foundation you need to progress through the army ranks. If you’re interested, keep reading below.


Many imagine that army careers are incredibly straightforward and that all officers serve in the same capacity. However, army careers can be pretty diverse, and as a lieutenant, you can perform under various capacities. Army officers often work in incredibly specialized fields to help the army progress in meaningful ways. Some of the most popular degree choices by officers are criminal justice, international relations, homeland security, or engineering.

The military needs all of these professions to help strengthen itself more holistically. A degree in any of these fields enables you to develop critical problem-solving skills, which can go far in a career with the army. Furthermore, you can learn better coordination, logistics, and other skills, which can go a long way in the military. Exploring military degreesand going for the one that aligns with your goals is the best way to kick your career. A military degree makes you a capable candidate who can act appropriately in a variety of situations. Furthermore, such adegree is essential if you want to opt for programs like the ROTC or the OCS later.


The ROTC, or Reserve Officers Training Corps, is a program that many universities over the US offer. It is an excellent way to start your career as a lieutenant. It gives you all the skills you need to have a successful army career. It teaches you vital leadership skills and prepares you for a military career. One of the most significant problems students face when looking to get a degree is paying the incredibly high college fees. However, if you opt for ROTC programs, you sign up for a program that the government funds entirely.

ROTC programs combine academic knowledge with training on the field to make you a well-rounded candidate for a military career. Lieutenants often need to assume leadership roles and guide soldiers through various duties. They also need to have a high level of physical fitness, which the ROTC program takes care of quite well. It helps you cover all your bases, ensuring you have the leadership skills and the physical attributes you need to excel on the job.


After you have completed your degree, you can start with the OCS or Officer’s Candidate School. It is a program designed to prepare candidates to handle working as an officer in the army. Understanding military culture can be incredibly challenging, especially for those who are having their first exposure. However, this 12-week course can prepare you to become a second lieutenant in no time. Before being accepted for the OCS program, however, candidates need to pass a battery of tests.

First, candidates meet with recruiters for an interview. This interview decides whether the candidate can move forward and submit the OCS application form. If you pass this initial interview, you need to pass the ASVAB, which covers a range of topics. You need to have a minimum score of at least 110 to progress to the next step, the physical fitness test. Once you’ve completed this, a second interview decides your eligibility for the OCS program. If accepted, you have a week to sign and enter the program.


Becoming a lieutenant means taking on immense responsibility. You are responsible for safeguarding the lives of countless civilians and your team too. No matter what capacity you serve in, the lieutenant’s job can be tasking yet incredibly gratifying. If you want to feel like you are a part of something bigger, this is the perfect profession. The discipline, loyalty, honor, and integrity, which are a part of the Army code, are traits that you will carry through all walks of life. Furthermore, your career as a lieutenant will bring you immense recognition and respect and let you lead a distinguished life.

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