Check Out These Skin Care Brands That Use Natural Products

There is a checklist of items we should be doing every day.

Drinking at least seven bottles of water. Brushing and flossing your teeth. Eating your fruits and vegetables. And doing your skincare routine every single day.

When it comes to having great skin, consistency really is key! We should be giving our skin, which happens to also be the biggest organ in our body, extra moisture, and protection every day. From toners to moisturizers, sunscreen and mists, it is important to give our skin the care it needs to remain healthy.

But it isn’t just our skin care routine that is important. It is equally important to use skin care products that are designed to produce the best results for our skin. The best types of skin care brands are the ones that use natural products and minimal to no chemicals mixed in.

Our body responds best to natural ingredients, and this is the same when it comes to ingredients used to look after our skin.

How do you know what skin care product to go with? Well, before we share the top skin care brands to consider, we want to note that each of our skin has different needs. Some skin suffers from dryness. Others suffer from oiliness. We each have unique skin that will need a unique skin care routine.

So to help guide you in selecting the best skin care brands, we suggest checking out these ones that use natural products to enhance your skin.

1. One Ocean Beauty

Using biotechnology that is able to use ingredients from the ocean, this marine skin care brand is one that your skin will love. From items like deep sea moisturizer and marine collagen, your skin will quickly discover the healing powers of the ocean and feel revitalized and rejuvenated. So freshen up your skin with the solution from the sea!

2. Aotea

This skin care brand all the way from New Zealand uses natural plants grown on the island nation to create a natural remedy for the skin. Not only does this brand use natural products that are healing for the skin, but it also ensures it keeps the New Zealand culture and Maori ancestry prevalent in their method.

3. 100% Pure

Using antioxidants and vitamins as the core ingredients of this skin care product, it reall is what the name entails—100%pure. Plus, they go the extra step in looking after the environment in addition to your skin and ensure it comes in 100% compostable recyclable packaging. So your conscience will feel as good as your skin does!

4. Juice Beauty

Who knew that bamboo could be so good for the skin? This skin care brand uses the power of plants to create effective naturally made skin care products. Bamboo is one of their hero ingredients that ensures your skin gets the hydration and repair that it needs to stay healthy.

5. Weleda

This natural skin care company uses flowers and fruits to help rejuvenate your skin. Since the inception of this company, they have been adamant that the process of creating their products would not require preservatives, chemicals, or anything else that is not natural and risks harming one’s health.

With these five natural skin care brands, you will be sure to find the right option for your unique skin. And you can rest assured that you are using products that use natural ingredients chosen to benefit your skin! From marine skin care products to ones that use plants like bamboo, there are a whole range of options that will have your skin hydrated, rejuvenated and refreshed in no time!