Children of Divorce Parents:

A marriage is special and unique relationship. In this relationship, there is a legal, formal, and union contract between two people from two different worlds. It is actually a very beautiful relation but sometimes it does not end happily. This marriage must be so satisfying but it may become terrifying. Divorce is a name of ending the contract, which is actually the basis of this relationship or marital life. Divorce leaves many side effects in the family of the couple. The one who suffers the most are their children. 

Yes, the marriage may cause some side effects and the fact is that each couple suffers from different challenges, but it is not same as everyone. Now days, divorce is very common. The rate of divorce is approximately 45-50%. In fact, the marriage doesn’t even move to years. It is very hard and emotional process for both of them. They end the relationship which was started on the basis on love.

Separation or divorce OR impacts the whole family members of the couple. The adults are mature enough to deal with the situation. For children, it is very stressful situation which affects them to over thinking. They are always confused that their family members will leave him/her.

How divorce affects the children:

Well, let’s get to the point. It is very difficult for the children that face the separation of their parents. Most of the children suffer from many externalizing disorders. Get Divorce Papers a company who files annulment in GA , the children of divorced parents 50% out 100% suffer from divorce of parents. Sometimes, it depends on the nature of the children. Some of them agree with the situation in understandable way and some of them go through extreme phase of stress. You must be very strong to deal with such kind of situations. But the children always feel that they are overwhelmed.

Today, separation of parents affects the love life of their children. As we all know that, the parents are the first teacher of their children. A child gets acknowledged about love and marriage from their parents. This is actually a very bad affect to the children of divorced parents that they do not believe in making and maintaining a family. It is the responsibility of parents to teach with their children that how to maintain their family, in this way, the child of the divorced parents cannot even know that how to make a family. He/she will always think that their relationship will end.

The over thinking of children affects their daily routine and because of the daily arguments of their parents they cannot focus on their studies. The academic report of the company will get lower day by day. They are not being able to focus in their studies. Sometimes, the situation is so new for the children; they think only their parents are getting a divorce.

This situation may cause the fear of conflict in the children. They always fear their future and their expectations of future. They get anxious very early and they give up from the problems they cannot face. Their mood swings and they get fed up from everyone. This change of behavior is absolutely because of the stress and anxiety. This also let them to the state of committing suicide.

The child can choose only 1 from their parents. This is actually a very difficult decision for the children. They cannot choose any 1 from them they want to live with both of them. But because of the daily arguments they have to decide any one from them. It is very hard for the child who survives these daily arguments.

Rate of custody:

A survey conducted by Instant Online Divorce , a child cannot live without his/her mother. So, the 90 out of 100 percent every child chooses his mother. The other 10% choose to live with their father. While 35% decides to live alone. The mothers of 75-79% get child support. The 70% of the cases of child custody are won by the mothers of children.

 Being alone and single is more painful than living one of your guardian. You by yourself hold the hands of danger. Loneliness causes anxiety and the child may commit suicide without any reason. He cannot believe in love and family. He just believes that the relationships always fail.

Vowing never to divorce is a good commitment but that it may become scary and terrifying. Ignoring your partner’s behavior to prevent divorce is more painful. This includes the decisions that you do not want to make and you made them because you wanted to avoid the divorce are very difficult. Facing the unexpected behavior of your partner makes the person down; this is actually a mental torture that leads the couple to divorce. Things get worst when you try to keep safe your marital status. He or she can do sacrifices for their marriage, but living in this marriage is so much painful.

Live your today:

The secret to get out of this stress and anxiety is to examine the situation of your parents. You must’ve to believe in yourself and be brave as you can. You actually have to know about the compulsion of your mother or father. You just have to examine that what actually happened in your parent’s past that they are forced to get a divorce.

That is what called maturity. After this, you have to stand on your own steps and to make a decision. This decision will be good for you for the rest of your life. You just not have to fear with future failures. Live your today. Yes, the circumstances may become difficult for you but you can only fight with them if you are mentally strong. All you just have to do is to believe in yourself and try examining the situation. This will be hard but this is important to know the truth.

It is your right to make a decision by yourself. Don’t be scared of your future failures. Be ready for them always. Good days are always looking for you!

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