Who is Darez Diggs? Biography, Age, Height, Family Net Worth

Darez Diggs played defensive back for the ‘Alabama University Blazers football team’. Diggs plays American football professionally and is most recognised for that.

Darez Diggs Physical Appearance

Full name Darez Diggs
Gender Male
Date of birth 18th December 1995
Age 26 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Place of birth Washington, DC, United States
Current residence Washington, DC, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Height in feet 6’2″
Height in centimetres 188
Weight in pounds 205
Weight in kilograms 95
Body measurement in inches 38-29-39
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Black
Father Aron Diggs Sr
Mother Stephanie Diggs
Siblings 4
Marital status Single
School Friendship Academy and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
Profession Professional footballer
Net worth $1–5 million
Social media presence Instagram


Darez Diggs’s Family

Darez has three brothers along with a sister, making up his four siblings. Darez Diggs’ three brothers are Trevon De’Sean Diggs, Stefon Diggs & Aron Diggs Jr. Likewise, Porche Green is the name of Darez Diggs’ one and only sister. Aron Diggs & Stefanie Diggs are Darez’s parents. Darez Diggs’s father, Aron Diggs’s, died due to congestive heart failure in January 2008 at the age of 39. There is little doubt that Darez’ view on life and method of approaching his football career have been influenced by the unexpected death of Darez Diggs’s father. Darez has demonstrated amazing resilience and tenacity in the face of adversity.

Darez Diggs Early Life

The youngster’s passion in football was sparked by his father’s guidance, and as a result, Darez went under Coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim’s supervision for his professional coaching. Diggs attended Edison-Friendship Academy, Lowa Community College, and the college sports organization NCAA before finishing his education. In his final season of high school, Diggs helped his team win the city championship. In 2015, the talented cornerback was named to the ‘NJCAA First Team’ All-American after participating in 32 games that season. Darez failed to score in 12 games, including five starts. Later on, Darez enrolled in University of Alabama in Birmingham. Diggs’ active participation in athletics during his time in high school and college provided the young man with the necessary training and experience, which subsequently helped him succeed in professional football.

Darez Diggs Relationship Status

A digital content developer and Instagram influencer by the name of Sabrina, Darez is currently dating her. As can be observed from their various social media profiles, both of them, Darez and Sabrina have been dating for a while. Onyx E’nair Digg, a girl, was born to the couple, Darez and Sabrina in late 2021.

Darez Diggs Professional Career

Darez Diggs participated in football for a number of organizations during his playing years, both in the National Football Association and at the collegiate level. Darez was frequently used as a wide receiver while playing defensive backs for the ‘Morgan State Bears’ as a college freshman. Darez wore the shirt with the number 35 during his time playing for the team. Darez had the chance to play with football legends like running back Orlando Johnson during his time with the Bears. Wide receiver Broderick Gager with quarterback Ricky Fisk. In 2015, Darez became a member of UAB. In 2015, Darez completed his move to the University of Alabama, where he played cornerback for UAB.

Darez emerged from junior-college commitments to join the college’s recruiting team after a year at UAB. He received other tantalizing offers from American universities including the West Virginia University when deciding to join UAB, but Darez remained steadfast in his choice to play for the Blazers FC. The sports media outlet 247Sports.com took notice of Darez Diggs’s exploits as a cornerback & wide receiver in the 2016 class and placed Diggs as the 5th best football talent in Washington, D.C., 123rd nationwide as a recruiter, & 12th as a returner. With a composite score of 0.8059, Diggs accomplished all of these. 2015 saw the reality of Darez draft into the NFL as the Minnesota Vikings selected him 145th overall in the fifth round of the draft.

Darez completed the 20-yard shuttle run in 4.11 seconds and the 60-yard shuttle run in 11.46 seconds before his draft was announced. Diggs briefly played for teams like the Buffalo Bills before joining the National Football Club. The wide receiver played a brief spell with the Lions in 2019 before being traded to the Seahawks.

Darez Diggs Brother Stefon Diggs

Stefon Digg is Trevon De’Sean and Darez younger sibling. Along with being a well-known athlete, Stefon serves as an example for his brothers. Darez played wide receiver for the UAB Blazers and the Morgan State Bears before contracting with the Dallas Cowboys. The UAB Blazers comeback team in Washington, D.C., has Darez, Stefon’s brother, who plays football.

Darez Diggs Brother Trevon Diggs

For the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League, Trevon De’Sean Diggs plays cornerback. Trevon played college football for Alabama, and the Cowboys took him in the second phase of the NFL Draft 2020. Trevon attended the ‘Thomas Sprigg Wootton Junior High’ in Rockville, Maryland. After his sophomore year, Trevon intended to move with his mentor to The Avalon School in the vicinity of Wheaton, Maryland.

Darez Diggs Social Media

On social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Darez is very active. Under the account @marseandiggs, Darez Diggs’s had almost 27,000 followers as of March 2023. The 27-year-old, Darez Diggs’s primarily shares a range of images to promote his clothing brand, Blue Boii. The director of the company is stated in Darez Diggs’s biography.

Darez Diggs

Darez Diggs Net Worth

Darez Diggs net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be 1.5 million dollars. Darez Diggs’s successful and protracted profession as a football player is his main source of wealth. Darez Diggs’s money, belongings, property, and income are all covered by this income. Darez is content with the cash he has earned via employment. Darez line of work has also brought him attention and acclaim. Darez will certainly become richer and earn more money in the future.


  • Diggs joined the NFL after the 2015 NFL Draught.
  • Darez finished the 20-yard & 60-yard shuttle runs in 4.11 & 11.46 seconds, respectively.
  • The Minnesota Vikings selected Diggs with the 146th out of the overall pick in round 5 of the NFL Draft.
  • Darez love for football led him to begin practicing at a young age.
  • Diggs enjoys spending time with his loved ones when he has free time. As a result, Darez Diggs’s avoids talking about his personal life in public.


Q. When was Darez Diggs born?

In 2023, Darez Diggs’s will reach the age of 27.

Q. Why is Darez Diggs’s so well-known?

Due to his dedication and desire, Darez is also recognised as the youngest football player in the world. Darez represented the university as a cornerback for the ‘University of Alabama Blazers’ football team.

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