In what different ways does electronic waste effect the environment?

Electronic waste is particularly a sort of waste that is raged from computer and mobiles to the electronic items in our house like cookers and other electronic stuff. And this waste can cause huge damage to the environment if it is not properly disposed. The impacts or effects of it on the environment are also a bit known. And this may give real threats to the environment in very large quantities. And the wrong sort of disposal of such things can affect the air, water and other natural elements of the environment.

The effects of e-waste on air

The most bit of the effect of electronic waste on air is with air pollution. They just throw it in a place and then recycle it to get a bit of profit from it. People burn the wires and stuff to get copper from it. And this is only the root cause of air pollution through e-waste.

Electronic waste effects on water

Electronic waste first has many of the heavy metals which are usually used in mobiles and stuff. And when these metals are disposed improperly, they just leach through the soil and get into the and partially reach the underground and they slowly turn into ponds. We also can see many people depending on these ponds for water. Due to the chemicals and stuff in it the plants which live underground and drink such water die. And we also see conditions of land animals and humans drinking the contaminated water. This will probably lead to a dangerous situation of poisoning. In some conditions the situation could also be even worse than that.

How does e-waste effect the soil?

e-waste effects the soil by entering the toxic waste and stuff into the soil. The most important and also most significant ways by which e-waste effects soil is by exposure of these metals and stuff to humans. This sort of chemicals are never biodegradable. They just be in the soil for a long time and this also makes the risk of exposure more and more. These are all the dangers that have just took place are only the reasons of improper disposal. And in coming years and also now this will give a huge impact on human beings and also their life. The toxic wastes also have many impacts on human birth defects brain, heart and other organs damage.

These wastes also have their own effect on human nervous system and the reproductive system. They do many harms to human body that takes a lot of money to get cured. One of the examples for this is that, when the computers and other electronic things are burned the gas that is produced from them cause cancer if inhaled. So, these e-waste no only has its effects on the environment but also has one on the human’s life and their birth too.

This was all up to the improper disposal and its effects so, now let’s find out about how we can dispose this in a right way.

How to dispose e-waste properly?

We find many websites like which provide you such information about the proper recycling of this. So, lets also discuss a 1 or 2 ways of how to do it properly.

  1. You could sometimes check out the laws behind the proper disposal of stuff. You could take this case to some communities which will take it forward and will get you out of this problem.

People could also donate the electronics and this will reduce the recycling of them and also will provide people with the ability to use computers.