Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ Completed Guide

Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode has been around for a while. This particular DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location mode received a few major improvements in Season 2, including new missions & the opportunity to experience the mode on the War Zone map. The Smuggling Tunnels task, a tier two operation for the ‘White Lotus faction’, is one of the most significant ones in this mode.

Call Of Duty : DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location

Season 2 of Warzone 2 is now available. The current release introduces many updates and new material to the game’s interface & the DMZ mode. The faction progress on tasks has been reset itself, since you still have accessibility to all of the Season 1 permanent unlocks that have been obtained during that time frame. Season 2 requires individuals to start performing tasks right away. As players finish tasks, they are going to get various goodies such as arms, XP, entry cards, calling cards, plans and a lot more. The DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location Mission is one of the challenges you must complete in Season 2 of Warzone 2. It is a second-tier quest from the White Lotus Faction.

Let’s Locate The Smuggling Tunnels!

On the Al Mazrah map in the DMZ, the ‘Smuggling Tunnels’ are an indefinite Stronghold site. However, Al Mazrah is a large map, therefore narrowing down that particular location can be challenging, especially since it will not be labeled on your aerial map. The DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Mission is one of the map modifications brought about by the season two upgrade. By the medical camps & train tracks, the cave network is located north of Zarqa Hydroelectric.

The DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location include five entrances. For the initial position, you just have to visit this POI, but you’re going to have to carry a ‘Stronghold Key’, that you may obtain by slaying AI soldiers or from buying stations. As you can anticipate, this fortress will be surrounded by multiple NPCs, and taking you down will be tough. After acquiring access to this area, the next step in the ‘DMZ Smuggling Tunnels’ mission is to install a tactical cam in front of both portals. You must leave the place in order to complete this mission.

DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location: Enter With Points!

The smuggling tunnels have many entrances. On the alternate face of the main path, a well serves as the entrance to the tunnels’ northernmost segment. It’s concealed from sight by a couple of walls, but a simple runaround can lead you there. A home with a ladder that you are able to use to enter the site is situated in the Smuggling Tunnels stronghold. You can also access the tunnels through a huge entrance on the system’s southernmost edge. It is partly hidden by trees & foliage, so if you aren’t careful, you could overlook it.

If you’re on the ‘Smuggling Tunnels’ duty, the last suggested option is to set up a tactical camera there. Furthermore, the majority of the enemy soldiers are positioned on the tunnel’s southern side, letting you kill them early on in the DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Mission.

Make Use Of Explosives!

DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location

Those who wish to go into the Stronghold straight ought to use extreme caution. Going down the step ladder can be hazardous because there are multiple AI forces waiting for you. Before you descend, make use of smoke grenades as a useful technique. In a comparable manner you can use many frag explosives to injure opponents before knocking them out. It is best to utilize as many lethal goods of equipment as possible when fighting the AI soldiers in the tunnels.

Considering the tunnel is indeed a tight space, putting explosives in there first will result in multiple eliminations. Try to eliminate the riot shield robots first because they are going to charge your co-players outside the tunnel. If you’re fortunate enough, any of the bots is going to drop a UAV that you can use to expose all opponent positions in the area around you.

DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location: Placing Cameras!

It can be tough to place tactical cameras at 2 of the ‘Smuggling Tunnel‘ passageways in Call of Duty DMZ. The surroundings are overflowing with AI adversaries, whom you must eliminate before moving forward. The well north of the fortress is where you’ll locate the first entrance. Take the zipline to drop into the well and install the initial tactical camera right in the path of the Stronghold entrance in the tunnels.

This is the first camera installation, which may be followed in the quest section. For the additional camera, go to the Stronghold’s strongly guarded south entrance. Drop the tactical cam down cautiously after reaching the cave door. Because the task needs the positioning of two cameras, it is suggested to execute it alongside teammates. Exit the location & proceed to extraction after correctly installing both. You can either loot another tactical camera or ask a teammate to use it as a Field Upgrade.

DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location: Building 21

It’s not as easy as clicking Building 21 on the map menu & walking right in. Building 21 is accessible only on weekends and entry demands an ‘DRC Building 21’ Entry Card. Getting a card with access to enter calls for buying it at a Buy Station. It will, however, come at a certain cost. The ‘DRC Building 21’ Entry Card is prohibitively costly, so either bring a significant amount of your money or achieve multiple tasks throughout a session to earn some cash. Access Cards can also be found in the world, usually as a drop from minibosses, however they have become extremely rare. It’s time to walk in now that you’ve obtained an access card & Building 21 is open.

DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location: Exavacation Faction Mission

To fulfill the Excavation DMZ task, players have to locate the sniper team’s notes, choose 3 devices for tracking then place them in precise areas. The message from the sniper squad may be located on the top of a building in Al-Mazrah City, and it contains the coordinates of the dead drop carrying the tracking devices in Al-Bagra.

The players must use a chopper to go between mission areas that are far apart. Al-Mazrah City has the first 2 tracker planting locations. The first place is under the bridge that runs connecting Taraq Town Al-Mazrah Town, where the Gamers can discover a damaged gate plus a wall with a pair of circles where the tracker can be planted.

The following area is in a parking lot, where players can find steps going to a new map position and place the tracker on the wall with signage. The remaining tracker planting spot is in the ‘Rohan Oil’ region, which is located in the map’s north. The players must go beneath the bridge to locate another structure where they can put the final tracker.

DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location: Guide To Gold Skull

It’s like going on an exciting treasure hunt when you find a Gold Skull in the DMZ. These rare skulls, as opposed to the Gold Pieces that drop randomly around the map, necessitate a more deliberate approach. The first path to a ‘Gold Skull’ leads through the perilous terrain of boss battles. Al Mazrah & Ashika Island stand out as potential hotspots for these clashes. The Scavenger, a difficult boss, made his Season 3 debut and may be spotted roaming around Al Mazrah.

Successfully fighting this boss plus his army improves the likelihood of receiving a Gold Skull. Early clashes with Operators are valuable since they enhance the chances of facing the Scavenger. Other bosses, such as The Bombmaker & Pyro, provide a comparable potential. The Bombmaker lives at Tsuki Castle on Ashika Island, & Pyro lives in Al Mazrah. Battles with these adversaries not only provide a spectacular gaming experience, but also provide the opportunity to obtain a Gold Skull.

Gold Skull Locations

Several locations, including Police Stations & the Sawah Hotel, serve as possible treasure troves for individuals carrying Skeleton Keys. The third level of the Sawah Hotel, in particular, is thought to have a higher probability of spawning a Gold Skull, albeit entrance requires a Skeleton Key. With luck, these sites will produce the Gold Skull, allowing players to proceed to the Bartering Recipe list. The safes are the final spot to consider when looking for a Gold Skull. These safes are scattered over the map and have a good possibility of concealing a Gold Skull. As a result, if you come across a safe, it’s worth opening it to check if you’ve struck gold.

DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location


Despite the difficulties and dangers, the possible benefits make the journey worthwhile. The key to a successful mission is carefully organizing each phase of the task, communicating clearly with everyone on the team, as well as being prepared for any obstacles that may arrive. Note that the Toxin Research task is simply one of many difficult difficulties in DMZ Warzone 2. And conquering it will help prepare you to face even more difficult trials later in the game.