St. Mark’s Square in Venice is one of the must-see destinations for every tourist. St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace compete to be most imposing. However, with its 98,6 meters in heigh, St Mark’s Campanile is the undisputed winner. 

The magnificent view of the Grand Canal, with the gondolas moored on the bank and the islands on the other side of the Canal, makes St Mark’s Square one of the most characteristic places. Not to forget the renowned and historical Ristorante Quadri, Caffè Lavena and the most famous, Caffè Florian. The latter, opened in 1720, holds the position of the world’s oldest café.

Experience passionate feelings for the clear polish and uniqueness of unique Murano glass and make your lounge area and home’s stylistic layout novel. Murano Glass is one of Italy’s most well-known legacies (after pasta and pizza, obviously). There is an extraordinary Brand name of Beginning given by the locale of Veneto, which you ought to be searching for while purchasing a Murano Drinking Set This brand name safeguards the customers from buying a fake and recognizes a genuine Murano China made by a real craftsman. Excellent quality extravagance planner Onyx eating table with Murano drinking glasses on a cleaned steel base and specifying.

Beginning with blown drinking glasses, they are the most effective way to add tone to your feasting table and flaunt your style during exceptional events, making an enchanted environment for each opportunity visitors come to eat or have a beverage at your place. Murano water drinking set can supplement any planning style since you can find various types made by the different Murano glass methods, bringing about multiple shapes, plans, and tones. Generally, such as purchasing any drinking glasses, the Murano drinking glass set come in sets.

Besides the water drinking set, there are glass tumblers. The principal contrast is that the term tumbler is utilized to allude to glass for particular sorts of liquor like bourbon, or it can imply any drinking glass with no handles and no stem. Initially, it alluded to a unique kind of glass with a raised base. These wine-drinking sets were planned so you could not lay the glass on a table (it would spill if you did). This would guarantee individuals would complete their beverage totally, and it likewise made individuals drink all the more rapidly. 

Today, they are made with the ordinary base to hinder any wreck. They are a famous piece inside the blown drinking glasses. They come in many different plans and states of mind. You can pick any Elegant drinking set because of your plan style. You can choose something vivid, similar to the set, that will spread light, variety, and custom to any setting. They are exceptional thanks to their clear effortlessness and energetic combinations. Or on the other hand, you can pick their Desio set, which is reasonable for a more moderate stylistic layout configuration, included with additional plain tones, each endorsed by the expert glassmaker or Murano drinking set and each with its remarkable embellishment: the consistent base of gold leaf joined with hued fibers.

The last kind of Murano Crystal is the enhancing carafes. They can be found from an exemplary molded carafe to additional innovative formed ones, all with remarkable plans and varieties, and all hand-unceremoniously passed up by artisans, making them genuine Murano glass quality. By bringing a Murano Glass Carafe into your home, you are enhancing your kitchen with a legacy of Venice, with an Italian way of life perspective, consolidating excellence and straightforwardness. Other than the Crystal, there are a lot more Murano drinking set creations that will place a rich flash in your home.

Our master glassmakers in Murano are capable of replicating this atmosphere in your home as well. How? By manufacturing objects reminiscent of the Venetian style. Glass Masters heat the end of the blow pipe to a very high temperature since melted glass would not stick to a cold surface. The glass is worked through the artisan’s blowing, which will cause the glass to expand while still hot. Then craftsmen can pass the glowing piece of glass over murrine, i.e. multicolored glass fragments, giving it an even more Venetian appearance. Once the process is finished, here it is an extraordinary drinking glass created with the famous Murano glass. The particularity of the glassblowing technique is that each finished product will be unique in its type and shape.

The glasses that our master glassmakers produce in their furnaces are distinguished by their size, color, detail and style. Not only in the Drinking Glasses section you can find glasses for an elegant dinner party, but also glasses for everyday dining, with bright colors and decorations of all kinds. Thanks to the trademark of Origin “Vetro Artistico® Murano” certifying that the product was created on the island of Murano, purchasing in our YourMurano site is safe and reliable. Moreover, our drinking glasses make excellent gifts for your loved ones and can add an elegant or lively touch to any table.

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