Football: the Beautiful Game Loved by the Whole World

History of Football

Football is a team sport involving 11 players on each team. It consists in passing and kicking the ball and is a contact sport. It is staged on a rectangular field with goals at the end of the area. 

Whoever moves the ball past the opponent’s goal line is deemed to have scored a goal. You must achieve more goals than your opponent to be declared a football match winner.

Football started more than a century ago in England in 1863. Initially, it was the same until rugby and association football took different routes. Football now has its governing body FIFA. Here you can check ตารางบอลวันนี้.

Is Football a Career?

There are many ways you can earn a living through football. Here is a look at the many career paths you can pursue in football as a career:

Football Players

As a modern football player, you can earn health by enrolling and becoming part of a team where you can play games for them and draw a salary from their coffers. Football has become very lucrative through the entry of several sponsors pumping in billions of money.

Football Coaching

Besides being a player, you can pursue a footballing career in coaching. You can study and achieve different levels in coaching, work as a football coach, and train players as you earn a living out of the trade.

Football Sports Writer

As a journalist, you can venture into writing articles about football news. As a football writer, you must watch and follow footballing activities as you write and report on football events to the public.

A Referee

Being a referee can earn you a living and sustain you. It is a person who facilitates and regulates a football match according to the football governing body rules. To become a referee, you must undergo specialized training and be certified by the governing bodies to officiate football matches.


You can participate in sports and win different prices that may include monetary and enable you to make a living out of the sport.

Football Betting

As long as you are 18 years and above, you can sign up for any sports betting website and start placing bets on different teams and earning from the sport. You can also place bets on live soccer odds and win big besides other bonuses. 

Facts about Football

  • Football is the most famous sport in the world. The sport is watched by approximately 4 billion people worldwide occasionally. The Football World Cup is the tournament with the most people watching.
  • It took only 2.4 seconds to score the football’s fastest goal. Nawal Al-Abed scored this goal.
  • Since the inception of the first tournament in Uruguay in the year 1930, the FIFA world cup has been staged every four years, and surprisingly, only eight different countries boast of having won the tournament previously.
  • In Canada and the USA, they refer to soccer when talking about football. Talking about football in America refers to American football, and football in Canada also refers to Canadian football, which is very close to the American version.
  • The first international match was staged between Scotland and England at Hamilton Crescent on 30th November 1872. 
  • As a football player, you will receive a yellow or red card when you break the football rules.
  • Several variations of the sport include futsal, e-football, and beach football. However, association football is America and Canada’s most famous version of football or soccer.


Football is a trendy sport played by everyone at all levels. It is played worldwide, and here is all you need to understand the game.