Giovanna Yannotti Age, Height, Family, Husband, Net Worth

An American Model who is popularly known with Giovanna name, is always in people’s curiosity as Kurt Angle’s Wife. In this article, we are going to take you through her life that will include her biography, early life, education, profession, and much more insights of her life.

Who is Giovanna Yannotti?

Giovanna is an American model who got globally popular after marrying Kurt Angle. Kurt is an Olympic gold medalist who got popular after being WWE’s biggest superstar. Although there is 19 years of agr difference between both of them. But, the couple has been married since 2012 and are reported to live together happily.

Giovanna Yannotti Physical Appearance

NameGiovanna Yannoti Angle
Date of Birth26 March 1987
Place of BirthPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Skin ColourWhite
Hair ColourBlack
Films featured inDeath From Above, 6 Souls, Justified, End Game, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Sorority Row, My Bloody Valentine
SpouseKurt Angle
Place of ResidencePittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Net Worth$1.5 million
Social mediaInstagram

Giovanna Yannotti Early Life

Giovanna Yannotti was born on 26 March 1987 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The wife of Kurt is a proud Christian. She represents white ethnicity. She holds the citizenship of the United States of America. However, she is half-Italian and half-Mexican. She has amazing Mexican looks and a sizzling Italian aroma. It helps her to captivate many with her fantastic and hard-working work in the modeling industry. We are still reviewing the information about her father, mother, and siblings. 

Giovanna Yannotti Profession

Giovanna Yannotti is a beautiful American modal. In 2009, she made her on-screen debut in a film called ‘MY Bloody Valentine’. In the same year, she worked in movies or series like Sorority Row, The Twilight Saga, and End Game. A year later, Giovanna Yannotti’s fans saw her featuring in Justified TV Series and 6 Souls. Two years later, she appeared in a movie named Death from Above. Not just her classical modeling work, she has made a decent impact in Hollywood too. Not every model can work in six to eight movies or series. It shows us the amount of hard work she puts to make her career bigger and better from every single angle. 

Giovanna Yannotti Net Worth

Giovanna Yannotti net worth is around about $2 million, as of 2020. It is not a huge surprise. She has worked a lot in the modelling sector at the highest level. Giovanna Yannotti doesn’t need to worry about money at all as her husband has earned a lot in the last 20 years or so. He is too famous and is working at the rate one can’t even think about in their lives. Kurt Angle’s wroth is in millions. It is too much for the Angle family to leave a happy and beautiful life. 

Giovanna Yannotti Kurt Angle’s Marriage Life

Giovanna Yannotti
Giovanna Yannotti

On 19 December 1998, Kurt Angle married Karen Smedley who is a retired professional female wrestler. They enjoyed a great life of 10 years or so together. The couple had two children. In December 2002, they had a baby girl. Her name is Kyra Angle. Four years later, they had their first boy. His name is Kody Angle, who has recently been featured in the WWE as a wrestler.

Everything was going well for this beautiful family. However, they decided to part ways in 2008. This divorce was a huge shock for the kids at that time. Just two years later, Kurt Angle engaged with Giovanna Yannotti. On 20 July 2012, Kurt Angle married Giovanna Yannotti. They have a huge 19 years of the age difference. The pair met each other on the sets of “End Game.” Kurt Angle and Giovanna Yannotti are blessed with three daughters; Giuliana Marie Angle, Sophia Laine Angle, and Nikoletta Sky Angl. 

Giovanna Yannotti Hobbies 

Shopping and travailing are the famous hobbies of Giovanna Yannotti. She is a big lover of Mexican and Italian food. The Mexican and Italian touch comes from her parents. Giovanna Yannotti is a big fan of watching modern-day series. Game of Thrones is her favorite series. Justin Timberlake is her favorite actor. Jennifer Aniston, one of the sexiest Hollywood actresses, is her favorite heroine. She likes to travel a lot and visit different countries as she relishes to explore different cultures. 

Social Media 

Yannotti is an avid social media user. She is available on all major social media networks. Her following in the social media sector is huge. One can always see her social media images filled with too many likes and comments. Many of Kurt Angle fan follows Giovanna Yannotti for getting real-time updates about his family life as they want to see their beloved superstar happy.

Giovanna Yannotti shares her family picture and works on social media pages well. It helps her to generate some good sums. Giovanna Yannotti’s bio on Instagram is just too beautiful: “Mama Angle. I block weird people. So don’t be weird.”

Fashion Looks

Giovanna Yannotti does indeed have fair brown skin, which does suit her dark brown hair, which many might say that does look black. She does not like colour her hair often. Her fashion touch is similar to a normal western lady who likes to wear dresses with smellier touch.  

It does suit her personality. She does not like to wear short or crop dresses. The family also loves to wear similar clothes once in a while. She does not like to do many cosmetic surgeries unlike the wives of many famous people’s wives. This does show that she has not done marriage for money, which many do suggest.    

Kurt Angle Legend

Kurt Angle is not just about the WWE. Before coming to WWE, he helped the USA to win an Olympic gold medal in 1996 as a professional wrestler. He was a part of the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in 1996. The ECW failed to click in the market. From 1998 to 2006, Kurt Angle played a huge role in WWE, helping the brand to make too many legends. He became exceedingly famous and won multiple WWE titles. In 2006, Kurt Angle joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

He stayed in the TNA until 2016. His impact until 2012 helped TNA to become the second-best product in the market at that time. From 2017 to 2020, he played his second chapter in WWE as a manager. Fans liked him a lot and sometimes, they managed to see him fight too. The age is not with Kurt Angle.

Otherwise, the WWE fans would have seen more from him as a professional. The WWE followers hail his impact in the first spell to make that time of the WWE the best to date. His skill as a wrestler was just second to none. Kurt Angle is a proud member of the WWE Hall of Fame group. His contribution to WWE’s development is just brilliant.  

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