Kori Campfield Biography Life, Husband, WWE superstar, Worth

Kori Campfield is the beloved wife of Kofi Kingston. She comes from an African nation called Ghana. Kori Campfield was born on 21 April 1982. He has gained a lot of fame due to his sensation husband Kofi Kingston, who is one of the most loved WWE wrestlers of all time.

Kori Campfield Physical Stats 

Kori Campfield’s hair colour is black. Her skin colour is also black. Her figure is well managed. Kori Campfield age is 40 years old. It looks as she is an unsung advocate of fitness. Behind closed doors, she must be putting a great amount of hard work to set her fitness standards like her beloved husband, who is a master of fitness and athleticism. Her bra size is 30B. Her body measurements are not available at the moment. She is a very fun-loving lady and holds prominent respect in the WWE fans’ souls. 

Kori Campfield Social Media 

Kori Campfield is not that big fan of social media. She is available on every major social media platform. However, she loves to have a very simple life as she comes from a very humble background. Her husband Kofi Kingston is different when it comes to using social media. Her quota doesn’t go in vain as her husband Kofi Kingston is too famous in the world of social media. Kori Camp field is not a very much active social media user. However, fans get to know about her family life on a regular basis as Kofi Kingston shares too many professional and family pictures with his fans on social media, who treat him very well around the world. 

Kori Campfield Family Life 

In 2010, Kori Campfield and Kofi Kingston were married. It was a much-closed marriage as only a couple’s families were allowed to witness this special day. Kofi Kingston and Kori Campfield are blessed with two children, a daughter, and a son. Both babies are proud to see his father doing a great job in the WWE. Campfield and Kingston are enjoying a very sound life and don’t want to end their golden chapter until they are in this brick-and-mortar world.

kori campfield

The WWE fans are very happy with this pair and want to see them stick together as more than 60 percent of WWE celebrities have done more than one marriage. It led to their downfall. Only in very few periods, success joined their shadows after doing a second marriage.

Kori Campfield and Kofi Kingston are very happy and would love to increase the size of their family to make it even better. Kori Campfield is a great example to follow as she comes from a very humble background. They have set a great benchmark for future WWE couples. They can take their family as an example to follow for a better and glorious future. A happy and blessed family can indeed help anybody to defeat many unexpected obstacles in this challenging life.  

Hobbies and Favorite Things 

Shopping, traveling, and dancing are Kori Campfield hobbiesShe is a very big food lover too. Kori likes to try different types of meals to make her hunger for a food-filled with drama and excitement. Kofi Kingston is also a great dancer, so it is not a big surprise that Kori Campfield can also dance as good as an apple pie. She is a big fan of Netflix’s web series.

Her favorite web series is Game of Thrones, one of the best series of all time. Denzel Washington is her favorite actor. Jennifer Aniston is her favorite actresses. She likes the style and charm of Jennifer Aniston, who is too popular worldwide.

Kori Campfield also likes to watch Bollywood movies. It means that she not just a fan of Hollywood only. She likes to eat Mexican food. Tacos make her too happy. Kori Campfield is an avid book reader. In her house, one can find very good and sound collections of books. Fiction is her most-loved part as a regular book reader. She spends her time being a homemaker perfectly well. Kori Campfield believes that books can change many bad habits of humans as we learn many wonderful ways of living life.  


Ghana is not a very rich country. People have to work a lot in a very sound African nation to earn money. Kori Campfield’s family had to work too much for earning a special life which helped her to open the doors of the United States of America. Thus, she knows everything about the value of money. Kofi Kingston feels very proud to see his better half helping kids learn the value of money as in Africa; even getting a bread to eat is as hard as climbing Mount Everest with a blindfold. Life was not that easy for Kori Campfield. However, now with the grace of nature, everything is running well for Kori Campfield. 

Kofi Kingston WWE journey 

World Wrestling Entertainment gave Kofi Kingston a platform to shine in 2006. His persona is a super fun-loving one. He performs with his brilliant athletic skills. He is too famous for his Royal Rumble action where every single time, you can see something new happening to make a great show the WWE fans. Even WWE pundits enjoy Kofi’s amazing work. The New Day is the work of Kofi Kingston as he did a great job with Big E, and Xavier Woods to make perfect tag team title-winning partnerships.

The year 2019 was the best for Kofi Kingston as he became the WWE Champion for the first time in his long career. It gained WWE huge ratings as the fans loved to see their one of the most faithful stars climbing the highest leader. Kofi Kingston holds a bright future in WWE. He doesn’t need to move anywhere else. He can easily play his part in the next 10 to 15 years. It can help Kofi Kingston to have a long career of 30 or so. It’s very hard for anybody to have that big career as it’s hard to deliver something new. Indeed, WWE fans love Kofi Kingston and his cool family.

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