Guide to Study Cyber Security Degree Programs

Cyber security is the modern day need with huge implications for businesses, especially those with core capabilities in IT. In cyber security, you are required to protect highly sensitive databases, websites, personal information and devices connected to the internet. The growing hacking activities and other such cyber crimes led to the formation of special laws to make them illegal. A cyber security degree program is designed to help develop thorough knowledge about the modern information and system protection technology. It provides an overview about the common cyber security threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.

Singapore Institute of Management better known as SIM Global Education is one of the few educational institutes offering cyber security master’s degree program to the learners. Admission in this institute comes with the unique prospect of living in Singapore and studying for the University of Warwick, UK. SIM is a leading educational institute of Singapore that has partnership with established and reputed universities from around the globe. The University of Warwick is a globally-recognised educational institute that is based in United Kingdom. It is one of the UK’s foremost research universities, highly reputed for its excellence in research and teaching. The cyber security university courses equip you with necessary skills needed for proficiency in cyber security in various government, defense and law enforcement communities.

Gaining a degree in cyber security management can get you career opportunities as:
• Chief Information Security Officer

A CISO, you will oversee the general operations of the IT security division of a company or an organisation.

• Forensic Computer Analyst
A Forensic Computer Analyst evaluates computer-based information for evidences following a crime or incident.

• Information Security Analyst
An Information Security Analystlooks after the security of an organisation or company’s computer system and networks.

• IT Security Engineer
A Security Engineer provides an engineering approach to cyber security and designs security systems so as to counter any potential cyber- glitch or attack.

• Security Systems Administrator
A Security Systems Administrator looks after the installation, administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of computer and data security systems and networks.

• IT Security Consultant
An IT Security Consultant consults its clients about how to protect their systems from cyber crimes and establish cyber security efficiently and cost effectively.

The demands for skilled cyber security professionals is increasing day-by-day. With the availability of few skilled professionals in the market, a talented individual can earn high wages.

Good jobs come to those that have skills and for good skills you need guidance from an educational institute that provides excellence in all forms. When looking for an institute for cyber security degree program you must take into consideration several facts such as:

1. If the institutes curriculum is at par with the industry and addresses real world problems.
2. If the institute offers you industrial experience along with academic knowledge.
3. If it lets you understand first-hand the issues faced by modern business and industry as a whole.
4. If it has application-based assignments and projects.
5. It offers you excellent placement opportunities.

A good program from a recognized educational institute not only helps you get a job but also makes you industry ready.