Here’s A Guide To Identify And Buy The Original Steve Madden Shoes In India

Shoes are one of those few necessities that are worn and loved by both men and women. Besides keeping your feet clean and protected, a great pair of shoes can add a lot of style to your entire personality. Imagine wearing a fine wool twill suit or silk dress but pairing it with dull-looking and scruffy footwear can still get you a fashion ticket. Therefore, your footwear needs to provide you comfort and complement your style and personality. 

Steve Madden shoes are one of the most popular brands worldwide as they offer high quality and a wide variety of styles and designs. Most of the designs take inspiration from Madden’s New York roots and aim to provide men and women with trending styles that allow them to express their individuality. 

But with people becoming increasingly conscious about the brand they use, designer shoes have suddenly gained popularity. While Steve Madden shoes’ style, comfort, prestige and quality remain unbeatable, many manufacturers try to replicate these designs and sell them at the original price. However, a copy or a fake can never come close to the original in terms of fine quality and authenticity. 

How to Identify And Buy The Original Steve Madden Shoes In India

While you might have paid a decent amount to buy an original and genuine product, with so many fakes and duplicates in the market, you might have received a fake product. So how can you distinguish between cheap quality shoes and genuine, high-quality Steve Madden shoes? Here we list down a few tell-tale signs that can help you identify and buy the original Steve Madden shoes in India. 

Extremely Low Price

Original Steve Madden shoes come with quality and affordability. But if you are being offered a pair of designer shoes for half the price, the chances of it being fake are higher than on sale. Therefore, it is always better to avoid such appealing offers that seem too good to be true.

Keep An Eye On The Logo

Every designer’s signature style makes their products stand out and be recognisable. You can always identify Steve Madden shoes by the words ‘Steve Madden’ written on a white label inside every shoe. Even the outsoles will have the name ingrained in them. Some dupes or fakes carry the logo with the same design but with the wrong spelling. 

For example, Steve Madden can come branded as Steve Maden or Steeve Maden. You need to have a keen eye to look for minor discrepancies and not think of such changes as innocent mistakes. 

However, also remember Steve Madden also owns another premium brand, Steven. This brand has a black label with the word ‘Steven’ written vertically in capital letters. Since designers generally trademark logos, it is illegal to copy them. So, scammers try to make insignificant changes to find a loophole and scam the customer. 

Check the Quality

Although affordable, Steve Madden shoes are known for high quality. A fake gives no importance to quality, so you need to check the insoles and outsoles for signs. Excess glue and poor stitching are an immediate giveaway for a knockoff! An original designer shoe comes stitched to perfection and does not show uneven or poor stitching or glue, even at the inside or corners. To sell a cheaper and lower quality shoe while claiming it as original goes against the law, even if you buy such products knowing its truth. 

Check Tags and Laces

Some sellers try selling fakes by claiming the product arrived directly from the factory. If there are no stickers or tags, it is a clear sign that they are fake. New and original Steve Madden shoes always come with stickers, tags or labels attached to them. Any hang tags on shoes with laces go through the first lace hole, and extra laces come tightly packed in separate plastic packaging.

Check the Boxes and Dust Bags

Designer products provide good quality in their products and also in the packaging that goes with them. Always remember that Steve Madden shoes come in sturdy, white boxes. The box should contain the trademark in the form of the initials enclosed in an oval which looks sleek and sophisticated. Most designer shoes come with good-quality dust bags that protect them. If you get your footwear in a flimsy box with no dust bags, you can assume it to be fake. 

Check the Authenticity Of the Website

When ordering online, make sure you place your order from a genuine site and do not fall prey to scammers. There are several ways to find out if the site is authentic. Look for phone numbers, headquarter address, email addresses, and social media pages and read review comments. Buying from the official website is always better to get Madden Touch. You get genuine products, free shipping and lifetime support on all purchases. 


With his innate understanding of trends and authentic designs, Steve Madden became known as the fashion footwear mogul of the 21st century. Therefore, wearing Steve Madden shoes has become a status symbol in itself. Use the above guidelines when you buy Steve Madden shoes, and ensure you receive nothing but the original, classy pair of footwear.